Saturday, January 23, 2021


 J and I were trying out an old recipe that I'd come across. How did it turn out? Well.  Not so good. I now have a pretty good idea why they called it the Great Depression.  Life hack: when trying something like that, probably halve the recipe until you know if it is  edible. 

Tim was running a bit later than usual coming home from work, and I was worried a little. He travels through some pretty remote areas on his hour drive home and it has been snowing and cold. But there he was, coming through the door, pulling off his boots, setting his lunch box in its usual place, hanging his coat on the back of the kitchen chair. 

I was trying to put the kitchen back to rights. "What happened?" he wanted to know. Flour was everywhere. 

"Nothing," I said. "J helped me cook. He stirred."

"Ah," Tim said, and J smiled proudly. 

"I got you something," he said, and he set a bag on the table. 

I looked inside and it was a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

"What are these for?" I asked. 

"No reason," he said. "I just decided to do it, and so I did."

What did I do?" I asked.

"Nothing," he said. 

I looked at him. "What did you do, then?"

"Nothing," he said. And he laughed.

"Are you sure?"  I stood there holding the flowers. They were beautiful. There were roses, a lily, carnations, some buds that have yet to open, baby's breath.

I retrieved a crystal vase from the glass curio cabinet and returned to the kitchen to arrange the flowers. 

He watched me, smiling and proud of himself. "Those really are beautiful. I've never seen a flower like this," he said, pointing to a the calla lily. 

"They are beautiful," I said, arranging them in the vase. "Thank you."

We ate dinner in the living room to watch the news, the flowers sitting on the glass topped steamer trunk we use as a corner table between the two couches. When we were done, he carried the dishes out to the kitchen as I put away the wooden tables. 

He acted completely normal for the rest of the night, but I'm keeping an eye on him. 


  1. Enjoy your surprise flowers - probably best not to ask why!!

  2. Good on Tim for buying the flowers.

  3. Can I have him when you've finished with him?

  4. What a pleasant post to read on a Saturday morning. Well done.

  5. In my opinion, old recipes are just not as good as their modern counterparts for a couple reasons. Older generations had actual food shortages and didn't have access to all the ingredients we have now so they just made it the best they could. I find almost all modern recipes are much tastier, with the exception being those recipes geared towards as few ingredients or as few as pans as possible. Several years back, I actually went through our recipe box and sorted out all those old time recipes and put them in a separate box just to hang onto. Most of our favorite recipes have been ones we have found in the last decade.

    I refuse to buy my wife flowers on Valentine or Mother's Day. Instead I just buy them off and on throughout the year. They are much more reasonably priced and like Tim, it keeps her on her toes wondering what she or I did to make me buy those flowers.

  6. I love those lovely surprises. My guy friend is spontaneous in his gift giving, which is nice. That bouquet sounds beautiful. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers. I can usually tell by looking at ingredients whether I'll like a recipe. I'm curious about what this dish was.

  7. Ha! What a great surprise! (Hopefully not inspired by anything specific. :) )

  8. I love this post. I love the part where you said, he acted completely normal for the rest of the night but I'm keeping an eye on him. So funny!! x

  9. Perhaps he read your post yesterday and wanted to just give you more joy?

    It is entirely possible?

  10. Maybe he ran over to Detroit and bought that winning Mega Millions ticket!

  11. Smiling! I think you are right to be a little suspicious, but then I am such a cynic.

  12. What a great surprise. Sounds like a keeper to me.

  13. Too too funny. And how very sweet too. Granted, if my husband brought me flowers, I would really wonder because the only time he brought me anything, it was a cactus.

  14. On behalf of husbands everywhere, can we not do something nice for our wives “just because” and not be looked upon with suspicion?!

  15. would appear not Bob. (I joke, I joke). Mostly.

  16. Haha - I do love getting flowers and it happens rarely enough that I too often ask the same question when they arrive!
    Generally I am in hospital after major surgery!


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