Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Observant Cashier

When Tim and I first met, we both worked nights. I drank a lot of Pepsi. Tim said, "I won't have soda in the house. I don't want my kids to ruin their teeth."

Fair enough.

I drank Pepsi because I was in dire need of the caffeine. There was Pepsi in my house.

After Tim and I got married, I still needed the caffeine, so we had soda in the house. Tim began to drink soda too.

About 15 years ago, I made the decision to give up carbonated beverages. Tim did not make that decision. There was still soda in the house.

All these years later, he still drinks more soda than I think he should. He's got scoliosis. He's had it since he was a child, but it was never noticed, the thinking being that scoliosis was something that happened to girls. It actually was only after we married that I made him go see a doctor about it.  The doctor was plenty amazed that he'd made it to his 40s without anyone noticing it. He's got x-rays to document it in case it gets worse, but the doctor feels that because he's worked so physically hard all of his life it is actually his musculature stabilizing the spine. So far, those muscles have prevented the spine from continuing to twist. He's very lucky because the doctor hadn't see many cases like that. 

Seems like he'd be a little more conscious about bone health, but he's not. So I lecture him about the sodas, because the Pepsi is leaching calcium from his bones. He ignores me. 

A couple days ago, he stopped off to get another case of Pepsi. 

He came into the house, bemused. "The cashier told me I drink too much Pepsi."

I said, "There's someone else that tells you that all the time." I put a thoughtful look on my face. "If only I could remember who that was...."

Now Tim has two people to ignore.


  1. I didn't realize that I was giving up soda; I didn't do it deliberately. It just didn't taste that good to me any more. I switched to Cascade Ice, which is still carbonated, then this fall I gave up all carbonated beverages. I was realizing that they made me feel bloated and uncomfortable. What do you drink instead of soda? I do the liquid flavors (like Crystal Light) to regular water and ice. Hope Tim can find a yummy and satisfying drink to replace the soda. (or pop as we call it here)

  2. Water, usually. Unsweetened iced tea with double lemon if I need caffeine.

  3. I had a very wise orthodontist who was regaling me with tales of his youth once.

    He was working as a locum dentist, and the dentist he was filling in for had a slow book and had it mostly clear for his holiday, so my friend was very bored. He decided to walk the streets during his lunch. He noticed a man wincing with pain and offered to check his teeth for him and took him back to the clinich. He did an emergency job but talked the guy into coming back for the full works the next day.

    Next day the guy comes back and his teeth feel AMAZING at the end. Book for the same thing in a couple of months my friend told him, because as you drink softdrink you will need to do this regularly keep your teeth.

    Not only did the guy give up softdrink, he sent all of his mates to my friend. By then end of his holiday, the dentist had a VERY BUSY practice to come back to!

    Be aware - when V gave up his pepsi, he had physical withdrawal symptoms (dire enough for him to stay away from them after a few backslides and consequences)

  4. It may work this time. "Teacher says..."

  5. And he will. Being a man, who as my wife tells me, knows better.

  6. I just had to pop in and say that about 22 years ago, a cashier actually told our 18 year old son he needed to do laundry rather than buy more socks!! True. :)
    Wishing you and your husband well.

  7. Well, as a self-professed Coke Zero Addict, I can commiserate with anyone trying to ditch the habit. I once did it for 10 Months successfully and why I began drinking it again was just stupid, since initially I had lost a Taste for it... but persevered 'til I was hooked again, go figure?! It's amazing how almost Strangers can notice so much about us from fairly regular interactions.

  8. The only carbonated drink I drink these days is tonic water, with my evening gin!

    I stopped drinking sodas in my early 20s. They just didn't taste good to me anymore. Too sweet.

  9. Perhaps the Cashier gets a commission for selling Coca Cola?😊

  10. I still drink Diet Coke. On most days, I open 2 cans but try not to finish either. It feels good on my throat.

  11. I gave up on Pepsi many decades back because it was so sweet but still drink diet Pepsi and although not a lot, more than I like. My problem is that other than water, I don't like drinking other things that people do like teas, coffee, beer or wine. I will drink a beer or glass of wine to be social but it is mostly forcing it down. So I get bored with just water all the time and like a nice cold diet pepsi, especially with a savory meal like pizza or tacos.

  12. My wife and I used to drink a significant amount of Diet Coke, but we have cut way back in favor of tea and water. We never had Cokes (we southerners call all soda “Coke”) in the house as our kids were growing up and they don’t drink them much today. Speaking of drinks, today I conclude “dry January” during which I consume no alcoholic beverages. I don’t drink that much anyway, but I love beer, so I’ve taken an annual break for several years now. I don’t miss it that much, so I might extend a while longer.

  13. Once in a blue moon I get a craving for a Coke, but can only take a sip or too. I rarely drink soda.
    Water is my main beverage. :)

  14. I was in the dentist office one time walking in to the back for my semi-annual cleaning. I overheard the dentist say to a young man checking out something to the effect of "We'll take out those 14 teeth tomorrow." I was astounded! When the dentist came back to double check my teeth after the cleaning, I asked. He said the guy drank too much soda on the job, didn't ever get his teeth out of the sugar. I was astounded!

  15. A long time ago I gave up soda for five years. It wasn't that difficult, surprisingly. But then, I had ONE soda at a restaurant. BAM! Right back on the Dr Pepper Bus.

    Also, diet soda gives me migraines.
    And diet soda tastes like earwax.

  16. Best of luck to Tim in giving up the soda. I gave up Mtn. Dew about 10 years ago and it wasn't easy. I started drinking soda when I was about 12. The only good thing about that fact is that it was mostly real sugar and not the fake sugar they have in pop these days. I also saw your request for an orange cat bookmark. Kyle said he would love to send you one. You can send your address to me at Thank you.


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