Friday, January 15, 2021

The Bane of My Existence

 I was having a chat with an acquaintance on my phone via IM last night. 

I confessed something, and then humorously followed it up with "Don't rat me out, sistah!" 

Stupid autocorrect changed the 'R' to an 'E'. 

It took forever for her to reply. I wondered why. I checked my phone and nearly had a heart attack. I typed in "It should be RAT. Don't RAT me out."

She's still hysterical this morning.

I would give nearly anything to be able to disable autocorrect.

PS Thank you everyone for the nice comments yesterday. They were very encouraging. Unfortunately, my technology skillz caused me to accidently delete it. 


  1. Autocorrect has caused me to turn shades of red more than once.

  2. I used to work in a company that did workplace surveys, and the spellcheck through the comments section often wanted to have shiites substituted (as well as funk, cant, beggar and the like)

    As devoutly Christian as my boss was, he realised that he had to let the comments section stand because no matter how much profanity there was, the autocorrect substitutions did not assist)

    My bane here is the mousepad.

  3. Autocorrect provides some great moments. My neighbour is still trying to figure out what word or phrase of his was corrected to bone donkey.

  4. I have a meme I haven't used on my Friday Funnies yet. It shows a photo of a man and says "The man who invented autocorrect has died. His funfair is next monkey."

  5. Ha! Moral of the story: Always re-read your texts before you hit send! LOL! I'm surprised it would correct "rat," because that is, after all, a word. Weird.

  6. It was the a/c: at first I thought it was a typo. I sent my frantic correction and had it 'corrected again. This time I caught it before it sent. I am guessing it was the phrasing.

  7. Part of a bigger problem which annoys me - "we are the tech company and we know what you want better than you know yourself, and don't trouble with the detail because we'll do it for you because we and not you understand techy things, you thicko." I wish there was a way to get back at them.

  8. I've sent too many messages with so many auto correct alterations the message changed its meaning. But auto correct can be useful too.

  9. This auto correct story cracked me up and made my Day! LMAOROTF

  10. That's a great autocorrect though! I hate when my message corrects right as I send it, so I have no idea that it's happened, until one of my daughters contacts me, laughing.


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