Monday, January 4, 2021

New Year

 It's 2021.

Usually New Years is greeted by plans and goals and expectations. 

Not this year. 

We cannot plan anything until we see how this covid stuff is going to play out, and it's hard to reach goals without that ability to plan. Without my goals, the expectations are...what?...a wisp of smoke? 

I can only make peace with the reality of where I'm at, right now, and that makes a very strange beginning to a new year. 

Late edit: this sounds all very morose. It just will always seem strange to me that when it came to making a resolution for the new year, the one I came up with is 'I will be content in the moment.' Seems strange to me that resolutions are always seen as a future plan, but this year, I can only look at the present. 

I do expect 2021 to be a more stable year than 2020 was. 


  1. Making peace with where we are without being able to make plans--that's wisdom for any year. We've always felt like we had control, but in reality, we didn't, even prior to the pandemic. In my humble opinion.

  2. We may not be able to plan, but we can always dream.

    Happy new year, Debby.

  3. Oh I definitely have big plans for the year. I plan to essentially do the same thing I have done last year until such time I am fully vaccinated. After that, I think I might go out to eat for a change... if it isn't too crowded.

  4. My plans are always only vague anyway if they can be categorized as plans at all.

  5. These are odd times. I'm just happy we made it through 2020, but it's difficult to think about bright shining prospects for the coming year. We just don't know anymore.

  6. Beautifully said! This is the perfect post for the start of 2021.


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