Saturday, November 8, 2014


This has been an unprecedented length of time away from blogging. Tim is slated for surgery on December 3rd for his shoulder. He's on furlough and although he hasn't gotten his intended 'to-do list' ticked off to his satisfaction, it strikes me that in a way, this has been an answer to a personal prayer for me. Sounds awful doesn't it? I'm not glad in any way that Tim has hurt himself so badly, but the fact of it is that he is a busy man who does not stop. I am a woman looking to ~what?~ not stop altogether, but to make regular stops, to smell the roses, to think, to spend time with my husband, all of those things. I seem to notice a ticking clock that he is not aware of.

Now he has fallen off a ladder. In truth, it was a very small ladder, so small that it qualifies more as a step stool than a ladder. And he has hurt himself badly. Which has translated to this: there are a lot of things that Tim cannot do right now. He is ever resourceful and manages to keep busy with any number of small jobs, but he spends a lot more time a home. 

In that time together, we find ourselves studying each other once again. This morning, I ran my hand across his stubbly face and found myself thinking, 'How long has it been since I just looked into my husband's eyes?' 

Feels like forever. 

He's got another month off on his furlough, and then surgery, which will put him on another three months off. 

I'm looking forward to this time.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Rise and Fall of Tim

Tim got his furlough, and I'm so everlastingly glad. He'll be around more. We'll see more of each other. It'll give us a chance to see if we can live on one income, while still providing a safety net (he'll be called back to work before the end of the year).

He's all excited because it gives him a chance to focus on these renovations he's got going on at three different addresses.

Today was the first day of his furlough.

He celebrated in a big way. He fell off a ladder.

Answer: not sure yet. He won't go to the hospital.

Late Edit: Thanks, Anna for scaring Tim straight to ER. Looks like a rotator cuff tear. Pain pills (which I know that he won't take) and a sling (which he doesn't think he needs). 

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Tonight, I got home from work, and William was ready for bed. I got him in his dinosaur pajamas and he was hopping around all full of beans. I managed to get him tucked into bed with the promise of a story from his book of fairy tales, this time about Hansel and Gretel.

When I was done with that, he wanted another book, so he scampered out of his bed and over to his bookshelf and selected a book with multiple Disney characters and a winter theme. So I read about Lightning MacQueen inviting another car to go sliding in the snow, Wall-E thinks Eve looks like a beautiful snowman, Nemo and his friends talk about an underwater winter. Basically an advertisement for multiple Disney movies. But it was short. We got to the last page and 'Mater was singing "Let it tow, let it tow, let it tow..." I sang it with gusto, and William laughed out loud.

"That is not the way the song goes, Gwandma!" I was a little amazed. I couldn't see how he could have remembered singing "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" from LAST Christmas. "How DOES it go, William?" I said, interested to find out what he remembered. He flung his arms outward and bellowed, "Let it GO, let it GOOOOOO...."


BTW, it did snow today, briefly. It is cold. Summer faded quickly into autumn, and winter's waiting impatiently to make her debut.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Special moment

Today was another busy day, but it does, for the first time, feel as if there is a glimmer of hope that we're turning a corner. I hope so. I really hope so. In any case, there were a lot less angry people today, which was a relief.

In any case, I was working away when a very elderly couple made their way to the register. Watching them, I saw right away that the woman had some serious cognitive loss, but her husband stood at her side and waited patiently as she tried to explain to me what she wanted. I asked my questions, and waited for her to answer them, which she was able to do.

I looked at the lady behind her, and saw no impatience on her face, so I continued to be patient with my customer. She couldn't remember how to swipe her credit card. She was puzzled at the buttons. All kind of small confusions, but we talked through it, and we got the job done. In the end, she fixed me with a look, and thanked me for being so patient with her. "Between the two of us, we got it figured out just fine!" I said.

When the lady behind them approached the counter, I started to say, "I want to thank YOU for your graciousness!" At the same time she said, "Thank you! That was just beautiful to watch."

We looked at each other, and smiled. That couple gave two people a special moment today.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

LIfe is for Learning

William is adjusting to a new schedule. Preschool lets out at 2. It's a little too late for a nap (unless you want him up extra late that night...), but that is contrasted against exhausted and dramatic meltdowns. Not a fun time to be in charge of William.

After several meltdowns at the playground, I'd had enough. "William," I said in a very no nonsense tone of voice, "it's time to go home. You need a nap."

The screaming became high pitched and prolonged. "Noooooooooooo!~ Don't WAAAAAAAAAANNTTT to take a nap." He stood there stamping his foot, his face perfectly illustrating a temper tantrum.

"Yes," I said very firmly. "Do we throw temper tantrums at the playground? *shook my head sadly* No, William, we do not. It is time to go home." He refused to come. I had a choice. I could have physically picked him up, but I know where his priorities are. I walked over to his bike and began to push it up the hill. He loves his bike, and he wasn't letting THAT out of his sight.

The screaming got closer and louder as he scooted up behind me. I snapped his helmet on, and I helped him attach his bat to the handle bars and off we went, William still screaming.

Once we got home, William made his way to the livingroom still sobbing. "I don't WANT to take a nap. I want to go to the playground..." and by the point, I'd simply given up trying to reason. He climbed up on the couch sobbing mightily, and kicked whilst I tried to get his shoes off. He lay down and nearly instantly, there was silence.

I left him sleep for 45 minutes, and he was a crank pot about being awakened. I tried to orchestrate his day around bedtime. He ate a big supper. After we cleaned up from supper, we watched a few Halloween music videos on you-tube.

William has 1001 books. Almost as soon as he was born, I bought a book of fairy tales, a beautiful book with gilt edged pages and rich and detailed illustrations. I never realized that William did not know the story of the three bears, and he studied the pictures agog with excitement. Goldilocks was finally asleep in baby bears bed when out of the window, William spied the three bears returning from their walk. "Oh NO!!" he exclaimed excitedly. And then he said, "Do we go into bears' houses? *shakes head sadly*" He answered himself. "No," he said. "We do NOT go into da bears' houses."

Life lessons are everywhere.

PS the little booger did not want to go to bed on time that night.