Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Good Day

The day started out with the knowledge that I was off work for the morning. The sleep-in felt luxurious.

I was having my morning coffee ant checking to see what the computer world was up to when my friend called. Her dog had been sprayed by a skunk. I often do online research for her. They don't have a computer. I read off a homemade remedy to her, and told her about a product we sold at Tractor Supply. (Nature's Miracle) I like my friends. I like those questions.

I'm excited to get the guest bedroom all set up, but as usual, there's a ton of things to be done before I get to that. Existing furniture must be moved to their new home to make place for the 'new furniture'. I set up a sweet little office space on the third floor landing. I heard Tim's truck followed by a small explosion of excitement from William.

Grandpa had gone archery hunting and got a large doe. The rest of the day was spent processing the meat. Once again we have steaks and roasts and tenderloins in the freezer. William was excited to help, and this led to a long conversation about meat and where meat comes from. William had lots of questions. He wants to go hunting with Grandpa in the worst kind of way. Grandpa told him he'd have to learn not to ask so many questions in the woods first.

It was a busy day, but I was sure glad to be in the middle of it. At one point, Tim and I looked at each other. I said, "We are so very fortunate..." and Tim's answer came back without hesitation: "Yes we are." And William continued to ask questions.

Late edit: That little book went to its new home. The gentleman who signed the book out 54 years ago took it home today.

Friday, October 30, 2015



So this is the Victorian bed that Tim and I have our eye on for the spare bedroom. He's going to see if he can get it tomorrow first thing in the morning, if it is not snapped up by someone else.

If we can't get it, well, I'll console myself with the sweetest little 5 1/2 inch German 8 day key wound torsion clock that I got for $7. I'm easy.

PS: Tim got there today and bought not only the bed but the matching marble top dresser. I was a little surprised. He said, "Well, the dresser needs to match." Yes. It does. I thought that, but was embarrassed to say because the bed was kind of pricey. Can't wait to get a mattress set and get it all set up.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Estate Sale

I love to go to estate sales. I especially love the ones in big old houses. You know you're going to be exploring a lifetime of things at those sales.

Last month, I was at one. I bought a couple boxes of note cards, old ones, that were pretty cool. $2.00. I found some stencils that I could use for a project I've had in mind. 50 cents each. I found a very realistically carved duck w/ glass eyes. $5. My finds tend to be kind of eclectic.

 As I was roaming through the rooms looking, I heard a woman say to her friend, "This is so strange....that a person just walks out of their house and leaves everything behind??!! I mean, who does that?!!!"  Her friend gaped at her, and I have to say, I stopped in my tracks as well. The questioner stood there in her confusion. I said, "The person who lived her has probably died." The look on her face. She looked at her potential purchases with poorly disguised horror.

I didn't laugh at her (although her friend did...) I mean it IS kind of creepy. Clothes hanging in the closets, shoes, bed linens, even toiletries. People will buy half used toiletries. I cannot bring myself to do this. I've been to sales where you're looking at a box full of hair curlers with strands of gray hair around them, and yes, it is a little macabre. So no. I didn't laugh at that woman although I was amazed that she would have to be told that she was walking through a dead person's home.

Another cool thing is that you get to look inside some pretty neat houses that you have only seen from the outside.

Like the estate sale that I stopped at after work tonight. Tim called me at work and told me to get $20 and buy a toy tractor, a John Deere for William. He also wanted me to check out a four poster bed. That's one of the things that we try hard to do, buy furniture  that 'fits' the house. A four poster bed would fit in nicely.

I parked along the street in the general vicinity of the house and I walked to it. I was pleased to see it was a house that I'd always admired from the outside. I was pretty excited to get inside, It was a grand house, with interesting woodwork and stained glass windows, and a charming stove with a little mica windows set into the fireplace. There was a key wound Seth Thomas that they wanted too much money for (it had been badly repaired).  There was a gorgeous armoire that did me a great good favor by being sold before I got there. An empire couch and interesting old rocking chairs. Books, games. I enjoyed myself a great deal.

I found a pile of books and I went through them. I found an old book inscribed to a child on May 18, 1906. I found a book from the 30s about a little cowboy. I found an ABC book from the 70s with very cool illustrations. At a buck apiece, I bought them. I spent some time roaming from room to room daydreaming about the house and people that used to live there.

I walked back out into the blustery day and came home to a hot cup of soup from the crock pot (cream of celery - all I needed to do was add a dollop of cream to my cup of broth). I curled up with my books and my daydreams and my hot cup of soup.

One of the books I bought turned out to be a book from a local school library. In the back, there was the old cardboard pocket with the card. The last time the book had been taken from the library was 1962, and children's names were carefully written on the card, along with the stamped date that the book was due back.

What a cool Christmas gift that would be, don't you think? To have a book that you had borrowed as a young child, the proof of it your name carefully penciled in cursive next to that stamped due date? I posted the names on facebook. I live in a small community. Someone will know one of these folks. The first person to get to me can have it.

Pretty exciting, innit?

Monday, August 3, 2015

It's Forty o'clock

I am so tickled with myself right this very minute.

I like clocks. I like them a lot. I bought a Seth Thomas electric mantle clock with a very interesting art deco type face design which I have never seen before. I wondered if it were from the 20's, but nope. It's a 1940 clock. It's only worth about $50, not much, but it's a pretty little clock and I like it, and besides, I only paid $10. for it.  It kept perfect time, but that thing was annoyingly loud. I was worried that perhaps the gears were grinding and that it would damage the clock over time, so I carefully ripped it apart and began to drop oil onto each individual gear.

Well. I tried to be careful, but I ended up screwing up the chimes. Had no idea what I'd done but I had a very quiet electric clock that kept perfect time but no longer chimed, which was dang disappointing since there is nothing that I love better than hearing a chiming clock. So I ripped it apart again, and observed and fiddled about. Much to my surprise, I fixed it. I now have a quiet clock that keeps perfect time AND chimes on the hour and half hour.

Quite impressed with myself, I found myself studying my 150 year old key wound. That clock has been back to the clock shop twice. TWICE. I spent $150 to get that bad boy up and running. It ran for about a month and then stopped. If the guy at the clock shop wasn't such a weirdo, I'd have taken it back again, but I don't like him.

Anyways, I thought to myself, "Well, you certainly can't do it any harm..." so I opened up the back and I watched. I set the pendulum swinging and then I watched it. I watched what moved. I watched what seemed to be happening as the pendulum slowed and finally stopped. I did a little fiddling with a gear and set the pendulum swinging.

An hour and a half later, I just heard the four clocks chime 10 PM.

I find myself studying my mother's cuckoo clock and wondering.... I certainly couldn't do it any harm...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Phone Call.

We've been on the receiving end of a flurry of strange calls lately.

Yesterday, the phone rang. It was obviously a call center. You could hear the voices in the background, including a heavily accented voice that was screaming like crazy at someone. "I don't care..." the bellow went.

A little surprised, I said, "Hello?!!"

And a heavily accented voice (think Jamaica, or the like) came on. He politely said, "May I speak to Timothy please."

I said, "No."

He wasn't prepared for that answer. He hesitated.

I said "We don't wish to speak to scammers."

Long pause. Polite 'click'.

I hope the person who was being screamed at found the wherewithall to hang up the phone.