Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time of Their Lives.

Still very busy here. It is a pivotal time to be coming on board with the company. It is sometimes stressful, always busy, but as always, when you work with the public, there are stories.

I saw two women waiting for their prescription. Turns out they were picking up for their sister. She had a number of prescriptions, but when I set them all on the counter, the two sisters put their heads together and said, "No..." and "No..." and "Doesn't need this one..." etc. etc. There was a lot of emotion that I wasn't quite understanding, but of all of the prescriptions, they found the powerful pain killers, and that is what they wanted.

One of the sisters stared at me and asked, "You're Debby, right..." and I stared right back at the vaguely familiar face and in the lines, I recognized an old friend. I greeted her warmly, and her eyes began to fill up. Her sister was dying. They had just found out that very morning. She had weeks to live. Her maintenance prescriptions were no longer necessary. Her sister was dying.

I was at a loss of what to say. I never know what to say in times like that. My eyes got teary too, and I could only say, "Oh, I am so terribly, terribly sorry!"

She smiled through all those tears, and she said, "We're going to the beach. We're headed out this very day. My brothers and sisters are already down there waiting for us. She wants very badly to go, and we couldn't think of a single reason to tell her no."

I told my friend that I was so glad that she was able to have this time with her sister. "I hope that you all have the time of your lives," and she assured me that this was the plan.

Later, restocking the medications back in the quiet storage area, I took a moment to pray for them, all of them, and I cried a little too. It is a marvelous gift to have such a close knit family that you wanted nothing more than to spend your final days surrounded by them, immersed in the love of your family.

Then I took a moment to pray to God for my own beloved sister.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Tim was spending some quality time with William while Brianna and I were both at work. When I came home from work, William was very excited. When he gets excited, he tends to talk a blue streak. When he gets VERY excited, you can hardly keep up with him. He wanted to tell me all about Spooky-Eeky, and he babbled on about a scar on a head, and a scary face, and suddenly he dropped to all fours, made big eyes and started turning his head back and forth slowly, blabbing away.

I watched him, incredulously. "Spooky-Eeky?" I said, trying to get a handle on what he was talking about. 

"Yes!" he answered. 

"Who told you about THAT?" I asked. Tim is not a scary movie person, or a scary story person, or a scary anything person, but sure as anything, William, still on all fours with his back up in the air, his eyes wide and his head turning back and forth slowly, said excitedly, "Yep. I go wif grandpa and I see Spooky-Eeky, and he is very scary..." 

Boy. This did not sound like Tim, but I yelled for him anyway. He came into the living room. "He's talking about Spooky-Eeky, and saying YOU took him to see him. What the heck is he talking about? What the heck is he doing?" and between us, William stood there on all fours with his back arched and his head slowly turning back and forth with his eyes bugging out of his head. 

Tim stared in total amazement listening to William babble on, his words running all together in his excitement. "Where on earth did you take him?" I demanded, and Tim said, "Well we went to Lowes...." His eyes got big and he burst out laughing.

"You know what he's doing?" he asked me, laughing loudly. 

"No, not a clue," I said.

And William continued to talk, his head turning back and forth, his arched back, on all fours.

Tim said, "They have their Halloween displays up. They had a skull that lit up and laughed, and a witch, giant pumpkins. William's favorite was a giant black cat with an arched back. He had great big wide eyes and his head moved back and forth." 

"William," I asked, "are you a cat?" 

And William answered, "Yes. I am a cat, and my name is Spooky-Eeky..."

Sunday, August 24, 2014


There has not been a lot of time for writing. I'm busy, but enjoying meeting people. I'm beginning to realize that I was probably dealing with depression for the last year. It's one of those things that you scarcely realize how deep and black the pit was until you begin to climb out of it.

In any case, I have enjoyed interacting with people again. Since I deal with names, I recognize many of them, and look up to see faces that I haven't seen in years. I've met four of my old teachers from high school. A professor from college. She told me that she still goes to the library to read my column, which came as a surprise to me, given our history.

A middle aged man was picking up a prescription for a woman. He was a plain faced working man, tall and pleasant. I mistakenly assumed that he was picking up for his wife, and referred to him as Mr. -----. He quickly said, "Oh. I'm not Mr. -----. I'd give anything if I was." He got a confused look on his face and said, "Well. I guess that I mean that I'd give anything if she was Mrs. xxxx. (providing what was evidently his own name). A little surprised at the turn of events, I said, "Well, have you asked her?" and he said, "Oh, yes." He sighed. He said, "It's complicated." I patted his arm in a comforting way when I gave him his package. "Good luck to you," I said. And I continued putting packages away. wondering about a man who is not afraid to confess his love to a total stranger in a crowded pharmacy. That's sweet.

I met the mother of a girl that I played with in elementary school and she remembered me as soon as I said my little girl name. My childhood friend from all those years ago just became a grandmother for the first time.

An extremely elderly couple came slowly through the store, she a tiny thing hunched over her walker, her husband tall and very thin, standing ramrod straight behind her. She stopped frequently to greet people, to tell a small child how beautiful she was. He smiled and listened as if he never got tired of seeing the world through her eyes. And by the time they reached the counter, I loved them already. Retrieving their prescriptions and chatting with the two of them, I rang them up, and handed the bag to the gentleman. "Would you mind carrying the bag for milady?" They both laughed out loud and he answered, "I think that's why she keeps me around."

I've met grumpy people. Angry people. Sick people. Relatives. Friends. Readers. I talked to them all, and tried to send everyone off with a good word. And in those small interactions, repeated one right after another, for 8 hours, 9 hours, 10 hours, even 12 hours, I feel like I am rediscovering something about myself that I'd forgotten.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014



I'm treading water at a furious pace, but so far am keeping my nose above the surface. Yay me!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Checking in

New job going well. I'm currently working 50 hours a week, dividing my time between two jobs (one full time, one part time), taking on-line courses in my off time. I have commuted an hour and a half to training and and hour and a half back from training twice in the last two weeks.

I've been busy. Not a lot of time for writing, but things are great.