Friday, July 3, 2020

Nothing New

Today, our tenant and I went shopping after she looked at the flooring we had. She picked out the counter tops she wanted and the light fixtures. It's pretty nice 'building to suit'. She's very excited about all of this and her excitement is contagious.

We expect the kitchen to be completed by the end of the weekend, and then we'll start on the bathroom. We hope to have that done by the end of the week (Tim is off for shutdown). It's a lot of work, but it's all coming along very nicely. Amazingly.

Tim was out on the back deck tonight cutting some pipe. He called me to come and look. I went out, and we watched two river otters frolicking in the river. I've heard they have returned to our river, but I'd never seen them before.

I texted Deb when I got home, and she's about beside herself with delight.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Note to Self

You know sometimes how you get yourself all in a rush trying to meet all these deadlines for yourself that you got in your head and boxes that simply *must* be ticked, etc.

And then you start getting stupid...

Not paying attention...

Not being as careful about the whole clean as you go thing...

I knocked a board over and I thought to myself, from the ladder, 'You need to pick that up before you step on it and run a nail through your foot...'

But I was almost done stripping the last of the wallpaper.

And I didn't stop right that very minute, figuring I'd pick it up later.

I did.

Right after I stepped on the thing and ran it into my foot.

And it occurs to me: All those home improvement shows that Tim watches on television? Never once have I seen an episode where someone injures themselves. That would add a certain drama to the episodes, wouldn't it?

I'm going to send them a suggestion

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Book Buyer's Tip

Tim and I have made a pretty nice life for ourselves by following one cardinal rule: Never buy new if you can find a good one used.

We apply that to cars. To clothes. To a camper. To household goods. Pretty much anything.

Keeping William in books has been the latest thing.

Has anyone heard of Better World Books?

Yesterday, Cappy pointed out that the book we're currently reading is part of a trilogy. Today, I went on line, and purchased the other two books, in hard cover, condition listed as "Very Good" for a total of $6.77, (I had a 15% off coupon). Shipping cost me 8 cents.

The best part of it is that it's economical, environmentally sound, and usually shipping is free (or darn near close) and for every book you buy, a book is donated.

This is a world wide program. Cara and Colin use it wherever they are in Europe.

A site like this could get me in real trouble.

Well, Cappy....

A while back, I bought William 'My Side of the Mountain'. It took a while for the book to get here.

We had finished 'The Trail' and then read 'There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom'. William surprised me with his insights several times during that book.

Still the book did not come.

William read a book on Pompeii, and that launched him off on to a tangent about volcanoes. He felt quite fortunate that we have no volcanoes in our country, so I told him to look up Mt. St. Helen's. That was an eye opener. Over the course of several days, he sat cross legged in the middle of the floor  of the little house after doing his multiplication cards. While I sanded, and primed, and painted, we discussed volcanoes and how we now can now predict when volcanoes are going to erupt, about Kilauea in Hawaii, about how the islands were actually formed from volcanic eruptions under the sea. He watched several videos about The Birth of an Island, and learned about Surtsey, and the evolution of life unfolding on that dead island.

I wondered just how long that darn book was going to take to finally get here. Today, after we got back from working at the little house, he scampered to the mail box as usual.

I heard him shout, "It's HERE!!!!" and we cut the package open. It was gratifying to see how excited he was to finally be holding that book.

I read a couple chapters aloud to him tonight before bed. That's how it usually begins. I start the book, and then he gets intrigued by it, and dives into it himself. He leaned over my shoulder studying the diagrams. He decided that Sam Gribley was a very resourceful boy. We both admired how smart he was to prepare for his adventure long before he ever embarked upon it by doing so much reading and planning.

He is excited to go to the camp. We've got huge hemlocks all around. He wants to build a shelter from Sam's instructions and his careful diagrams.

Cappy, your instincts were right on. As I turned off the light, I heard him say, "I think that I'm going to love this book alright!"

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Defies Explanation

I've got a bum knee, and it's been getting bummier. I had surgery on it last summer which didn't help in the least. It makes me wary about trying again. It's a pretty expensive proposition, especially when there is nothing gained from it.

Yesterday, after a full day of this and that and the other thing, Tim and I got into the dump truck and headed for Lowes, to pick up the cabinets for the kitchen at the little house. We needed a 24 inch bottom, a 24 inch top, a sink cabinet, and a 9 inch bottom. We needed shims. We needed cabinet screws and a package of washers.

We got what we needed in pretty short order, except they no longer make 9 inch bottom cabinets...just the 12 inch, which will not do. This means we simply will have to rebuild the damaged bottom unit we're already got.

Anyways, at the check out, Tim said, "Go out and drive the dump truck around to the pick up area.

So I made my way out to the parking lot and drove the truck around.

After parking it, I got out, but there was already someone waiting to help Tim load up the cabinets. Being keen on energy conservation (especially my own), I walked around to the passenger side of the truck and prepared to climb in.

Now the problem with that truck is that it is high. I can't lift my bad knee up into the truck and kick off with my good knee, because my bad knee can't take the strain of my full weight as I push off with my good knee.

Unfortunately, I can't set my good knee up into the truck and push off with my bad knee either.

So, I use my arms mostly. I put my bad knee in first, and grab on to the grab bar on the dash above to glove box. My other arm pushes off against the arm rest on the door.

Somehow, I managed to catch my arm against the lower edge of the visor and as I lifted and turned, the visor moved to the side of the truck. I gave myself a huge bruise on the back of my upper arm before I could untangle myself. For the life of me, 24 hours later, I cannot figure out how that actually happened.

Explaining the bruise by saying 'I got tangled up in the sun visor' is one of the most ridiculous sentences that has ever left my mouth, and the more that I think on this, the less I understand how it happened.