Monday, August 3, 2015

It's Forty o'clock

I am so tickled with myself right this very minute.

I like clocks. I like them a lot. I bought a Seth Thomas electric mantle clock with a very interesting art deco type face design which I have never seen before. I wondered if it were from the 20's, but nope. It's a 1940 clock. It's only worth about $50, not much, but it's a pretty little clock and I like it, and besides, I only paid $10. for it.  It kept perfect time, but that thing was annoyingly loud. I was worried that perhaps the gears were grinding and that it would damage the clock over time, so I carefully ripped it apart and began to drop oil onto each individual gear.

Well. I tried to be careful, but I ended up screwing up the chimes. Had no idea what I'd done but I had a very quiet electric clock that kept perfect time but no longer chimed, which was dang disappointing since there is nothing that I love better than hearing a chiming clock. So I ripped it apart again, and observed and fiddled about. Much to my surprise, I fixed it. I now have a quiet clock that keeps perfect time AND chimes on the hour and half hour.

Quite impressed with myself, I found myself studying my 150 year old key wound. That clock has been back to the clock shop twice. TWICE. I spent $150 to get that bad boy up and running. It ran for about a month and then stopped. If the guy at the clock shop wasn't such a weirdo, I'd have taken it back again, but I don't like him.

Anyways, I thought to myself, "Well, you certainly can't do it any harm..." so I opened up the back and I watched. I set the pendulum swinging and then I watched it. I watched what moved. I watched what seemed to be happening as the pendulum slowed and finally stopped. I did a little fiddling with a gear and set the pendulum swinging.

An hour and a half later, I just heard the four clocks chime 10 PM.

I find myself studying my mother's cuckoo clock and wondering.... I certainly couldn't do it any harm...