Saturday, November 8, 2014


This has been an unprecedented length of time away from blogging. Tim is slated for surgery on December 3rd for his shoulder. He's on furlough and although he hasn't gotten his intended 'to-do list' ticked off to his satisfaction, it strikes me that in a way, this has been an answer to a personal prayer for me. Sounds awful doesn't it? I'm not glad in any way that Tim has hurt himself so badly, but the fact of it is that he is a busy man who does not stop. I am a woman looking to ~what?~ not stop altogether, but to make regular stops, to smell the roses, to think, to spend time with my husband, all of those things. I seem to notice a ticking clock that he is not aware of.

Now he has fallen off a ladder. In truth, it was a very small ladder, so small that it qualifies more as a step stool than a ladder. And he has hurt himself badly. Which has translated to this: there are a lot of things that Tim cannot do right now. He is ever resourceful and manages to keep busy with any number of small jobs, but he spends a lot more time a home. 

In that time together, we find ourselves studying each other once again. This morning, I ran my hand across his stubbly face and found myself thinking, 'How long has it been since I just looked into my husband's eyes?' 

Feels like forever. 

He's got another month off on his furlough, and then surgery, which will put him on another three months off. 

I'm looking forward to this time.