Monday, October 6, 2014

The Rise and Fall of Tim

Tim got his furlough, and I'm so everlastingly glad. He'll be around more. We'll see more of each other. It'll give us a chance to see if we can live on one income, while still providing a safety net (he'll be called back to work before the end of the year).

He's all excited because it gives him a chance to focus on these renovations he's got going on at three different addresses.

Today was the first day of his furlough.

He celebrated in a big way. He fell off a ladder.

Answer: not sure yet. He won't go to the hospital.

Late Edit: Thanks, Anna for scaring Tim straight to ER. Looks like a rotator cuff tear. Pain pills (which I know that he won't take) and a sling (which he doesn't think he needs). 

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Tonight, I got home from work, and William was ready for bed. I got him in his dinosaur pajamas and he was hopping around all full of beans. I managed to get him tucked into bed with the promise of a story from his book of fairy tales, this time about Hansel and Gretel.

When I was done with that, he wanted another book, so he scampered out of his bed and over to his bookshelf and selected a book with multiple Disney characters and a winter theme. So I read about Lightning MacQueen inviting another car to go sliding in the snow, Wall-E thinks Eve looks like a beautiful snowman, Nemo and his friends talk about an underwater winter. Basically an advertisement for multiple Disney movies. But it was short. We got to the last page and 'Mater was singing "Let it tow, let it tow, let it tow..." I sang it with gusto, and William laughed out loud.

"That is not the way the song goes, Gwandma!" I was a little amazed. I couldn't see how he could have remembered singing "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" from LAST Christmas. "How DOES it go, William?" I said, interested to find out what he remembered. He flung his arms outward and bellowed, "Let it GO, let it GOOOOOO...."


BTW, it did snow today, briefly. It is cold. Summer faded quickly into autumn, and winter's waiting impatiently to make her debut.