Monday, May 22, 2023

I Stand Corrected. (Again)

 They still have not found Michael Burham, who is the prime suspect in the murder of a Jamestown woman. His family is from the area, and so he has ties here, but the police have been notably closed mouthed about giving out any information at all, and that silence has allowed social media to go nuts. 

Now I consider myself a sensible sort and since his truck was discovered in a short walk from our house, to be honest, I figured that he'd simply taken a kayak, throw in and floated down river. All along the river, there are plenty of camps that he could break into and hole up for the night, get up the next morning and throw back in and travel on a little more. It is early enough in the spring that kayaking hasn't really gotten in to full swing and camps you don't see camps being opened back up for the summer until Memorial day. 

He's been running since May 13th. I mean, he'd be crazy to hang around here, don't you think? 

Once again, I stand corrected. 

Turns out that he was living in the woods not far from here. On the 20th, he kidnapped an elderly couple at gunpoint, and he drove their car, with them in it, to Charleston, SC. He pulled off into a cemetery, walked them out of their car and then left them there. They were both unharmed, but I am sure that it was a terrifying experience. 

Once again, I am wrong. 

I hope they catch the guy soon. 

Today, I was able to get some house cleaning done. I always savor a catch up day, so that felt good. 

I wanted to run over and spray the grout once again at the rental. I'll go over and scrub it tomorrow once the fumes have died down. On the way, there was a man standing at a cross walk. Oncoming traffic had already stopped to allow him to cross and 3 cars waited. Of course, I stopped as well. 

Much to my surprise, the man in the crosswalk threw up his arms in a disgusted way, and complaining loudly, he stomped across the street, waving his arms and gesticulating wildly. It was such an unexpected response that I burst out laughing. He looked at me sharply and I called "You're welcome!" He swore and continued on. 

How very strange! '

Today, I waited, just to see. Tim went to brush hog where the excavating will be done starting on Wednesday. The excavator wants him on site, so that will tie him up for the rest of the week. He's quite keyed up about all of this. When he returned home, he was complaining. 

I said, "Happy anniversary!" He looked startled, but gave me a kiss. "Did you forget our anniversary too?" I teased. 

He says he didn't. I kind of think that he did. 


  1. I know we'd all feel much better with this guy behind bars!

  2. Happy anniversary to you two! It must be so exciting and a little scary to start your new home.. fingers crossed that all goes smoothly. Re. the murder suspect- What an awful experience for the elderly couple involved! Hope they catch him soon! Xo, Ricki

  3. Me too. I thought he'd be long gone. Just shows what a difficult job the police have catching someone who acts so illogically. Happy anniversary to you both.

  4. An anniversary too!
    Good to have progress though.
    Worrying about your safety though...and the sad walker. Although in these present times it is surprising that some people are unhinged?

  5. There's a saying over here "Nowt as queer as folk" - sounds like your chap on the crossing came into that category. Sorry your anniversary was overlooked. You are both working flat out at the moment - time to celebrate later?!

  6. Happy Anniversary. Seems like it was ... er... romantic?

  7. A psychology lecturer I once knew said of such oddballs that he always wanted to stop and hand them a questionnaire.

  8. The man in the crosswalk probably does suffer from mental illness.
    What a horrible experience to be kidnapped and driven all that way!
    Happy anniversary, Debbie! Y'all sure do know how to celebrate!

  9. That IS very strange. Then again, my mom used to get exasperated when people waved her into traffic: "What if I go, and then they go and we crash? It will be MY fault!" She wanted to wait until she had proper legal right-of-way.

    Wonder why that guy went to Charleston? He must have connections there. He'll be caught eventually.

  10. Oh I am sure that he will. Not sure about the Charleston connection. Isn't it wierd though. I was so sure he was long gone, and he was just down the road living in the woods for the week.

  11. Glad the culprit didn't steal you and Tim and your vehicle!
    Happy Anniversary to you! Hope you have many more healthy, happy years together!

  12. Happy Anniversary! I had to go back and check the previous post because I thought I already greeted you for it but realized that it was your birthday. So close together! That should make it easier on Tim if he were to remember them.

    I feel for Tim. I would be a bundle of nerves right now. Concrete is pretty permanent.

  13. Well a very happy anniversary to you and Tim. Too bad that the guy is still on the run but at least he is not in your neck of the woods anymore. I was too young to realize it but the Son of Sam killer was hanging out near our town and his disciples were stealing pets from everyone.

    1. Yikes! I remember the Son of Sam. We lived nowhere near NYC , but I was scared of him anyway!


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