Thursday, March 30, 2023


You will have to bear with me. I was trying to take pictures quickly because Tim needed help. I promise to try posting more regularly. This is the livingroom. There is so much to see there. The coffered ceiling, the leaded glass in the front windows, the wooden columns on either side of the entrance from the hall, and the fireplace....This photo was taken from the stairwell. I'll take a few more tomorrow. You can see that I did not manage to get the ceiling or the fireplace. 

The room has been emptied out. The clutter there is tools and things we are using. Against the far wall, there is a pile of tile, and the hanging light we intend to use in the diningroom, along with the tile for the shower supstairs. We pick things up as we see them on sale. 

This is standing in the livingroom and taking a picture of the dining room. I wanted to show you the pocket doors. There is a set of them between the livingroom and the dining room. There is also a single door at the top of the stairs. 

The walls are stripped of their wall paper, which was nicotine stained and damaged. I think they were also holding quite a bit of sour, old odors. We were pleased to find good rock hard lathe and plaster underneath.The plan at this point is to use a lime wash paint, which will add almost a texture to the painted walls. Tim is a bright bold color guy. I am a earth tone gal, so....color suggestions welcomed.

If I'd have turned the camera left, I'd have taken a nice picture of the fireplace. 

Of course, if I'd have pointed it up, you'd have seen the ceiling too.

But. I didn't. 

Floors are hardwood, They will require refinishing. 

Removing the light fixtures from the wall was pretty neat. Originally, the house had gas lights. You can still see the piping in the hall. Those lights were replaced with these electric lights. The one on the right will need to be sand blasted and repainted, but the one on the right has retained its fancy paint. We've got a pair of each of these. You can see all the nicotine on them. 

These are the ceiling lights. I like these lights, and would like to reuse them, 

but I'm a bit of a wierdo. 

I'll try to post pictures regularly, but Tim's quite a slave driver. 


  1. Interesting discoveries in this old house. You must wonder what can be saved and fit in with the renovations and what has to go.

  2. The timber work gives it a dark feel, so perhaps a colour to compliment the woodwork but also give some brightness. That hasn't been at all helpful, has it.

  3. The wood is beautiful and dark. I vote for an eggshell white throughout to keep it lighter but workable with any light fixtures and new tenet furniture. Linda in Kansas

  4. The house has good bones to work on. It will look great when you have finished. Our house has pocket doors dividing the main downstairs living area and I love them. With all the dark wood in our house the walls are just a simple off-white or palest grey to lighten it up. Not quite Tim's style?

  5. I would research those light fittings Debby. They could be worth a bit. I am also a bit of a weirdo. I think I could have been a Magpie or Jackdaw in another life and love collecting.

  6. Personally I would lighten the dark stain on the doors/windows. Our old farmhouse was very dark and gloomy and we used a lot of light yellow. The colour in the kitchen was a soft peachy yellow which was warm and comforting.

    I love those period lights and am so pleased you are keeping them and smartening them up.

  7. I think it's great to save the original light fixtures, if possible -- they're part of the character of the house. I don't mind color on a wall as long as they aren't dark colors -- dark colors can make rooms seem small. I can only imagine how much cleaner and brighter that place will be when you're done!

  8. If my wife and I were to walk into that house, my wife would focus on the staining and dirt. I would focus on the beautiful woodwork and details like the original light fixtures!

    My vote for colors is from your color palette. My wife is more into Tim's color palette.

  9. Obviously, Tim is in fine fettle after his health event.

  10. Well, you certainly have your work cut out for you! Looks like there is so much to be done. But it will be so fabulous when you finish! Before and after photos will be amazing! Good luck, Debby!

  11. That is definitely a house worth the work!


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