Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Quiet Day.

We made a delivery for the Amish, a case of brown sugar. Mattie also needed to borrow more canning jars to finish off their butchering. 

I got there and once again, Mattie's whisking around the kitchen like a barefoot queen, multitasking on a grand scale, scolding and dressing Rudy, fresh from a nap, running around in long johns.  She was baking cookies, and she had the largest cookie sheets I've ever seen in my life. They held 50 cookies. We were already nibbling on chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies with our coffee as she made raisin filled cookies. All the kids were fresh home from school, and they were making butter. One of the boys was washing the muddy buggy. Their dirt road is a mess. 

It felt so good to sit in that warm kitchen drinking good coffee, nibbling cookies, while talking and playing memory and pick up sticks with the two youngest girls. 

When we went down the hill, slipping and sliding in the mud, I felt as if I'd had a little vacation. In exchange for the jars, they sent us home with beef sticks, sausage, Amish hotdogs and cookies. We were actually leaving and they were chasing us out to the car with more stuff. Levi chased us out with the hotdogs and said, "They don't taste like your hotdogs." I studied them in their jar. "That's not a bad thing, actually." 

The Holter Monitor arrived today. It looks very straight forward. We'll get Tim set up tomorrow after William is in school. 

William's 12th birthday is in a mere 10 days. Hard to believe. His birthday gifts arrived today. A holographic style light for his bedroom and his first grown up watch. Unfortunately, I need to figure out how to set the watch. The date is wrong. The day is wrong. The time is wrong. I am not a technological savvy person. The darn watch will be a tougher set up than the monitor. 

Oh, and I almost forgot: 

Jaycee, where on earth did you get off to????


  1. Coffee and cookies are a perfect combination! It sounds like a lovely visit. Perhaps YouTube has an instructional video? I had to use one to change my Subaru clock the first year I got the car. And to link my car to my garage door opener. I may have cried and swore a lot at that one.

  2. William will enjoy setting the watch up himself and probably do it in half the time and without bad language.

    Do the Amish children go to a normal school?

  3. As Andrew says William will enjoy setting the watch himself. It is marvellous to watch these nimble fingered children understanding technology. I had to look up the Holter, fancy bit of tech there to, hope it brings some reassurance to you both.

  4. I was going to say that William could set the watch in 10 seconds!
    I am also disappointed that Jaycee seems to have dropped out. Let's hope that she is Ok, and re-appears somewhere soon.

  5. I’m glad to hear you had a little “vacation” in your visit with your Amish friends. Keep taking advantage of those moments. I think “normal life” is a great healer. All good wishes.
    Bonnie in Minneapolis

  6. I always enjoy reading your Amish visits, I can just imagine what those cookies taste like. Love raisin filled! Sure would like to try an Amish hot dog too 😋

  7. As Andrew said, William will figure out that watch! I imagine you were quite happy to have a "quiet day" for a change.

  8. I have been wondering about JayCee also. Hope we hear from her soon.
    Glad you got the monitor for Tim and hope he continues to improve.
    Nice for you to have a "normal" day with your Amish friends.

  9. Perhaps you should let William set the watch himself! He can probably do it.
    So glad you had a good day.

  10. No doubt Mattie had a full sized cookie sheet. The ones we have and that are found in most homes are known as 1/4 size baking sheets, good for about a dozen cookies.

    You must be really trusted among the Amish community to be invited into a working household. The ones around here never do that for adults. For a time as a child, our neighbor Amish babysat us after school so for a couple years, I got to experience life inside their house. It was just like you describe it, a lot going on with lots of good food!

  11. Thanks for your last line. I've been worried about JayCee, too. Trying to see if she has commented on other blogs, but not finding anything so far. Hoping all is well with her.
    Glad you finally have the monitor. I only wore one for a week, so can imagine wearing it for a month will be quite the task. Hope it provide necessary answers about Tim's heart.

  12. I am pleased to read that Tim is improving now. I hope he makes good progress. Thank you Debby, Frances, Ellen and Mary for your concern. I am just getting over a minor "blip" and am not sure if I will be blogging again any time soon, although I want to visit here often to see how you are all getting on.
    Wishing William a very happy 12th birthday.
    Much love, JayCee x

  13. That sounds like a lovely way to spend part of your day.

    Wishing William a happy birthday and hoping you get his watch set. I need to go online to find the instructions for my alarm clock and even then it takes many tries to get it working properly, twice a year.

  14. I'm a regular reader but haven't commented before. I always enjoy your blog though. And thank you for asking about JayCee. I am glad to see she replied. I'll keep stopping by to read and maybe comment some!

  15. Kay of Musings: Happy early birthday to William. Art had the Holter Monitor too and gave the doctor good information.


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