Tuesday, February 14, 2023

A Return to Normal

 Well, Tim survived the patch change. I tried to be as gentle as I could, using alcohol to try to disolve the adhesive, but in the end, I just gave it a quick yank. We did shave the area for the next patch. 

So far, this week has seen a big return to normalcy in our house. His mind is getting quicker. There have been no disconcerting questions. He still tires more quickly than usual, but that's to be expected, I would imagine. He seems more sure of himself. He sounds more like himself. 

I cannot tell you what a relief that is. 

William is 3 days away from turning 12. His mom has a party planned for him at the roller rink. The theme is 'Stranger Things'. His friend Noah will come back to spend the night after the party. He's requested pancakes and bacon for breakfast. I've got quite a bit of wrapping to do. His aunts and uncles went a bit nuts this year and boxes have been arriving steadily. 

Being preoccupied by a birthday party seems very normal, doesn't it?

Another normal thing? Houdini. I watched him chasing William all over the house tonight. Hard to believe that he was ever such a hidey cat. He runs and plays and pounces. Strings, balls bounced down the stairwell, the red dot. He is quite sociable. He doesn't like to be picked up, but he's gotten to the point that if you do pick him up for a cuddle, it doesn't send him off to hide for a week. In most cases, he just gives you a wary look from across the room, gives his fur a quick lick and then goes back to whatever he was doing. 

Pretty normal cat behavior. 

It will be 65 degrees tomorrow, and they are calling for our first thunderstorm of the year tomorrow night. I love thunderstorms and am looking forward to that too. All this leads us right back to cold and snow for a few days next week. 

Pretty normal for spring, I'd say. 


  1. What a relief to read this post and to hear that Tim (and life) is returning to normal! Speaking of normal, no cat that I know of likes to be picked up. My Mari will tolerate it because she loves me so much but is eager to get down ASAP. 65 degrees-wow! We just had some snow here, yuck.

  2. A relief! On both Tim and Houdini counts.
    Happy birthday William when it arrives

  3. So glad to hear things are returning to normal. Happy Birthday to William.

  4. Yay - and 12 already?! Congratulations

  5. What a positive post. It is bound to take time to get back completely to how Tim was before this all kicked-off. Glad Houdini is settling in so well now. Happy Birthday to William - it sounds like he will have a great day.

  6. I think Sue above said it best, normal is good and lovely to hear. I do hope William is taking all this in stride too.

  7. Good to hear things are returning to normal. Enjoy the party, I’m sure William will!

  8. I am finally home and able to properly read blogs. I am so glad to hear that Tim is improving steadily.
    And that Houdini has become a normal cat.
    Happy birthday to William. 12 is a big thing at that age

  9. Blessed normalcy. Big sigh of relief.

  10. I am happy things are going better for you!

  11. Everyone and everything settling into normal.

  12. Glad for the good news. One does not pick up Lacey. It just isn’t done. But she will visit us.


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