Monday, December 26, 2022


 It was a good Christmas. I expected today to be a bit sad. I should have been somewhere else, surrounded by my children and grandchildren and I would be a liar if I said that I wasn't just the tiniest bit sad. But...I had a great Christmas eve. We enjoyed our Christmas day. Quiet. Low key. 

William received some posters for Christmas that he wanted to hang in his room. We helped him. Two of them were from "Stranger Things". 

I said, "Do you like that show?" He said that he'd never seen it but that he'd heard about it from his friends and that he'd always wanted to see it. 

This morning, I slept in. I had an upset stomach in the middle of the night and could not get warm to save my soul. I finally fell asleep quite late. Tim was helping his son with a home repair this morning and had already left. William was making his breakfast. 

We worked together, doing our morning things, and then doing our chores. After lunch, I casually turned on Netflix and cued up Stranger Things. 

The look on that boy's face! 

It is cold outside. He watched two episodes this afternoon. He watched two more episodes this evening. 

Tim's still coughing up a lung. He called his doctor's office on Thursday, before lunch to check on his lab work. He knew that the office is closed on Fridays. He was assured that the biller was working Friday, and that she would call him with his lab results. 

I said to him, "They will not call. Bet me." 

They didn't. 

He called and left a message for the biller, that he had been told she would call.

Today, he got a call from the office, assuring him that his labs were there, but the doctor needed to discuss them with him. He was working at a local nursing home.

I said, "He will not call. Bet me." 

He didn't. 

This is getting frustrating. We need to find out what is going on. 


  1. Just when you need some competent medical care , they go in hiding.

    1. I switched from that doctor some years back. I think it is time for Tim to make the same move.

  2. Christmas plans gone awry seem to be the theme this Christmas. It sucks that you couldn't see everyone as planned but good that the storm prior to getting on the road and you weren't left stranded.

    We had a quiet day and today I visited a couple of girlfriends which I really enjoyed.

    Hope Tim finally hears from his doc.

  3. That's so frustrating; I hate waiting on labs. It seems to happen more and more lately although my mammogram one came back a few hours after I had it--for which I was thankful. I fret. Glad you had a nice Xmas in spite of the disappointment. My boyfriend caught a cold and was a no-show on the Eve; I was sad about that since, due to lengthy to-do lists on both our parts, we hadn't seen each other for a while.

  4. I always think if it urgent, you will be promptly contacted. I recently had a CT scan and the radiologist told me to see my doctor that day, which I did manage to do and there was no cause for alarm, and I wasn't about to expire.

    1. I add that I was somewhat alarmed when the radiologist told me to see my doctor that day.

  5. I agree with others that if it was urgent, you would have been called.

  6. We are able to log in online to our GP record and view our test results without having to wait for the doctor to contact us . It saves him, and us, time and puts our minds at ease too.
    Hope all is well with Tim's results.

  7. I had a similar Christmas as you. Low key with a tinge of sadness at not being around other family.

    I have watched "Stranger Things", I think all three or four seasons. I forget how many. William will love the show. If he does, another show I recommend, assuming it is still on Netflix, is "Locke and Key." My kids really enjoyed that one too.

  8. It's so annoying to know the results are in and not be able to get an answer.

  9. We have great labs who post results online. It is really helpful. I know respiratory viruses are going around. I was sad, too. My daughter was hosting in-laws. Plus one of my grandies has this cough and cold. I made the best of it, as did you!

  10. Stranger Things is really weird and dumb, but for some reason we have watched it. Maybe because JJ likes it.

  11. I watched all seasons of Stranger Things and enjoyed it, altho, it can get really scary at times! The actress who plays Eleven went on to do the Enola Holmes movies (there are two) where she is the sister to Sherlock Holmes. Quite a change from her acting in Stranger Things but enjoyable also.
    Hope Tim hears from his doctor soon.

  12. My Christmas was very low key, my son tested posstive for Covid, so Christmas eve dinner was canceled at their house, my daughter and grandson had a stomach flu, so I ended up spending the evening along which I did not mind. My heat went out last week and I did not get it repaired until yesterday, but I did have a little heat in the part of the house with my bed and computer, so I lived in there. My grandson and wife were here (military) for a couple of visits so that made my Christmas ok.

  13. So sorry that Tim didn't get his results in time for Christmas. It would have been more honest for the surgery to say that it would be unlikely he would hear before the office shut on Christmas Eve. I hope he hears soon and it can be treated with different medication.

    I sincerely hope you escaped this awful weather bomb which has hit the States and Canada. Frightening to hear of the deaths caused by it.

    Glad you had a Christmas of sorts and William enjoyed watching the Stranger Things programmes. Not one I've come across.

  14. Bad news travels fast. Do not worry Debby.


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