Tuesday, December 27, 2022


The doctor's wife called yesterday that the doctor would have to speak with Tim about his results. He was out of office at a local nursing home doing his rounds. 

Last night was another sleepless night. I've got the cough now, and I am going to assume it is the same thing, but being a practical idiot, I was waiting to hear what Tim was dealing with to see if I needed to make an appointment with my own doctor. I was up until one. Tim didn't come to bed until after three. Lying down aggravates the coughing. 

We did not hear from the doctor this morning. Just before lunch time, once again, I called the office. I was told that she herself had spoken with my husband about his test results yesterday. "You did," I said, but I pointed out that the only information that he'd received was that she said the doctor would have to speak with him. 

*Long pause.* "Did I? Well, let me check. I just told the doctor that I'd taken care of the call." I went on hold and she came back and said, "Well the results are kind of confusing." And she mde made impatient sounds about the lab. She said she would call them to straighten it out. "What's a good number to reach ou at?"

My snarky self did not reply, "Just use the number that you haven't been calling since last week." I gave her the number which I know they have right on the form she was looking at. 

The doctor did call back and said that there was some abnormality. Indicative of upper respiratory infection. Keep on keeping on.

I said to Tim, "Really, you should think about getting a different doctor." He snapped at me, and I dropped the subject. Again. 

(He is a old school doctor who objects to the local medical group, operates independently, and as such does not have access to the on-line medical portal.)


  1. Goodness that is very frustrating for you. I do hope that your own doctor (that you are going to tomorrow, no doubt?) will be more on the ball with results and treatment plans?

  2. Shoot. Debby I would say you need to see your own doctor, if you want a second opinion. I'm sorry you're having to contend with this at all, let alone during the holidays...

  3. That is not good organisation..see your own doctor ASAP!!

  4. Sometimes I long for old-school medicine, despite its shortcomings. I've found that within the medical groups, one hand often doesn't know what the other is doing (or has done) and those portals aren't always up to date or even accurate. Just my two cents...

  5. This is becoming incredibly complicated. Yes. Please go see your own doctor and see if you can get any of this figured out.

  6. That doctor and his wife sound like a pair of less than helpful practitioners. I'd call your own doctor. I've been dealing with something similar, but the coughing started to subside after a couple of days. Sleep returned. But it's very tiring.

  7. That's not a well-run practice. (We have a husband/wife group here, both are MDs. They take over 3 hours to return calls to hospital nurses, and over 3 weeks to return calls and labs to their patients!) Poopy docs DO exist. Meanwhile, at least take yourself and your coughing cooties to your doc. Best to know what it is and get meds for it if needed. Let him know about your husband, and if you state his doctor's name, your doc probably already knows how bad he is. Good luck and get better! Linda in Kansas

  8. Sounds like a tired, old doctor. Go to your doctor and get checked out. If Tim doesn't want to see a different doctor, I guess that's on him.

  9. Some doctors don't like to be challenged in any way because they are, well, god, and we should acknowledge that and accept the gracious trickle of information they deign to disclose.
    Hopefully the ticklish coughs will resolve soon.

  10. I agree a new doctor is needed, someone more up to date with new medical tests and procedures, such as actually seeing a patient!

  11. Time to change Doctors for Tim by the sound of things. You can definitely improve on this pair of GPs. I'd just do it and take the rolling pin to him later!!!

  12. My parents wouldn't change doctors until their inattentive and inefficient one didn't run a test on my mom before prescribing medication and almost killed her. I very much enjoy the portal and get my results very fast.

  13. We wait in hope re. Tim's lungs.

    One of my sisters has just been diagnosed with pneumonia and given antibiotics; impossible to say if it's bacterial or viral pneumonia.
    Her coughing would not stop and she was worried about breathing.

    So she went to the A & E of Cheltenham Hospital (England) at about 7 p.m. (Tuesday) with my other sister, and they were there until 5.30 a.m. on Wednesday

    This is our underfunded National Health Service, the waif child of right-wing Conservative governments for twenty years.
    My sister may have picked up the infection in London where she lives.

    The overworked Cheltenham nurse said viruses were all around.


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