Friday, November 25, 2022

The Holiday and That Cat

 The cat is named Spook. He haunts the basement, much to my chagrin. You know that he's there when you go down to throw in a load of laundry. There is the sound of a cat scooting to a dark corner. Disappointing, but we've moved his litter pan down there and his nice cozy bed. He has to come to the landing at the top of the stairs to eat though. His food and and water bowls are at the top of the stairs. We fill the dry cat food bowl each morning. We give him fresh water.  The wet food dish gets food in it twice a day, once in the morning, once at supper time. He is called when the bowls are filled, but he does not 'here kitty, kitty'. 

Thanksgiving was a nice celebration. My niece firmly told us that we were going around the room to say what we were grateful for: for retirement, for a new grand daughter, for the fact that the matriarch has made it through a difficult year to be with us still. The prodigal nephew said, "I'm grateful for my new family, which has brought me back to my old family. 

I said that if that recitation of blessings was going to become a tradition, we needed to make Thanksgiving a no-mascara zone. 

As a family, our gratitudes far outweighed our challenges. I hope it was so for you as well.


  1. A no mascara zone sounds lovely. Hopefully Spook will overcome his fears. How old is he?

  2. It seems like cats have to negotiate their own terms for everything, including contact. Your Thanksgiving sounds heartwarming and wonderful. (emotional too!)

  3. Your family time sounds wonderful.

    As for the cat, ours just slept on me for the first time in the 4 years that she’s been with us. It could take yours awhile, but she may come around.

  4. Gratitude is a much underrated emotion. Be grateful not grumpy I try to tell myself regularly.

  5. Gratitude is such a wonderful thing.
    Spook will come up when ready.

  6. I hope my family finds a way to gather for any holiday, gratitude's or no.

  7. I like the tradition of sharing what we are thankful for.

  8. I also like that tradition. We've been doing it for a couple of years now. This year I had to be the first one, and couldn't think of what to say, so I said I was thankful for stuffing. They all booed, then proceeded to share their wonderful thanks so much more eloquently. Ah well, they all know how much I love them. Next year I'll be prepared.

  9. I used to have everyone share what they were thankful for, but now there's just too many family members so that we're not able to do that anymore.


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