Wednesday, September 7, 2022


 Headed east to celebrate my son's birthday Friday morning. I'm taking the makings for pepperoni rolls, the comfort food of my children's childhood. His oldest daughter will help me roll out the dough and layer the pepperoni and cheese and then roll it all back up. I picked tomatoes today and tomorrow I will make another batch of sauce for dipping the pepperoni rolls in.

Doubt I'll get a post in before I leave because I will be cooking most of the day tomorrow and getting ready to leave. 

See you Tuesday-ish. 


  1. Bye and have a nice family time.

  2. I am not familiar with pepperoni rolls, but they sound delicious! Have a great time with your family. I am seeing my youngest on Saturday. They live hour and half away so we don't see them a lot! That probably sounds like just round the corner to you!!

  3. Have a good trip. Good to do family things together

  4. Pepperoni was never a big item in my family and still isn't. We mostly has sausage and now my girls prefer just cheese and sauce. Occasionally I buy a package for a pizza for myself but I almost always regret having done so. The ones I get in our store are always so terribly greasy.

  5. Have fun! How wonderful to have this special family time celebration with your son.


I'm glad you're here!


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