Friday, February 4, 2022

Message for Little P

 Over at her blog, Jennifer posted about Little P, a young friend with surefire ways to bring snow.  

He's plenty excited because snow is a rare thing there in the south where they live. I thought it was cute. Emphasis on 'was'. It's been a pretty cold week. After  a break in the temperature, we've got this moving in tonight. 

See the 14.9? That's where we live. School is already canceled. 

Jennifer, have mercy. Please tell little P to turn his pajamas right side to. 

Thank you. 

I posted this so the Canadian contingent can comment "Oh, THAT's nothin'!!!!" 

We got ourselves dug out, and I'm feeling very invigorated. 

(No. No I'm not.)


  1. Hope you can dig yourself out of that lot!

    If we ever had that much snow here we would think the world was ending!

  2. Poor Little P gets the blame. A 'Winter Storm Warning', shows on Google Maps.

  3. I'll have a talk with the young man this afternoon! Snow is fun but this is getting ridiculous! Hahaha!

  4. That is plenty of snow for sure, an affect of the lake I guess — at least in part.

  5. We had 8" on Wednesday in Illinois. Make sure your snowblower is working! Isn't it nice that you don't have to try to make it into work! :)

  6. I've been pondering how much snow you've been getting. We were fortunate in that it went just south of us so all we got was the cold side of the stream.

  7. Ellen D: Snowblower??? What is this snowblower you speak of?

    Ed, we got that 15 inches, for sure.

    We got one car dug out of that, and the driveway and sidewalk cleared. I shoveled out 3 times yesterday and we had a huge job this morning. If Jennifer talks to Little P, we should be okay.

  8. Here in aAberta, Canada, we don't get a lot of heavy wet snow. It just sticks around for 4 or 5 months.

  9. Being driven back from the Audiologist in my taxi thie morning we drove under several huge rainbows, four storms of giant snowflakes and five or six brilliant sunshine periods.

  10. Yeah, I do not envy you that snowfall at all. Snow is fun when you're Little P's age but significantly less fun when you're an adult!

  11. Weaver, I always am amazed when weather changes like that. Rainbows though? In winter? I'd have been beyond amazed.


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