Friday, February 11, 2022

Leader of the Pack

 Today, I opened up my carry-on suitcase, 22 x 14 x 9. Last week, I'd piled the clothes that I wanted to take. 

Over the course of a weekend, I winnowed that pile down. As in, any shirt had to match with at least 3 other items (not including jeans). If it did not, it was put back in my drawer. The idea was to be able to mix and match so that it did not look like I was wearing the same clothes every day. 

Looking at what was left, I set aside my bulkiest long cardigan, a nice dress shirt, a pair of jeans and my boots. These items would take up a lot of space in a suitcase. I will solve that problem by wearing those things on the plane. 

I looked at the pile of stuff still laying on my bed - 4 long cardigans, one sweater, a pullover, 13 shirts, 3 pair of jeans, 3 pair of yoga pants, a dress, and unmentionables. I also had a gift for Cara and Colin and a package to go out in the mail once I get there. 

It was still quite a pile of stuff, really.

But you never know until you try, do you? So I began folding everything tightly and fitting it snugly into my suitcase. It all fit, easily. I even have room for a pair of shoes!

Plus I still have my backpack.  

I decided that I was a very good packer. The sort of person who should have been going on vacations right along. I was very proud.

Tonight, it occurred to me that I did not pack my flannel night gown. 

Wonder what else I will remember that I forgot.  


  1. You are indeed a champion packer. Could you come and pack for me too please?! I loved that meme, thats my kind of packing! lol

  2. There is always something!
    And leave room for anything extra that you might acquire to come home....

  3. Sounds like you are already a pro packer.
    Will you need 13 shirts?

  4. The idea of the thirteen shirts is that they are all layerable. More layers for cold, less layers for warm. I'll be there for a month, so 13 shirts is sensible, a mix of long and short sleeved tees, worn alone or under long cardigans. The yoga pants are the same. I can actually wear them under the jeans for an extra layer if I want. My daughter and son in law tell me that it will still be cold, and British cold is far different from our cold.

  5. As long as I have room for my credit card, I never worry about forgetting anything.

  6. If you're like me you'll remember several things you've forgotten -- but hopefully before you've left the house!

  7. You will be staying with family, right? Would there be laundry equipment there for you to use in case you do not pack enough of the right things?

  8. I alays forget something when I pack. It's a tradition now:)


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