Wednesday, February 16, 2022

It's the Little Stuff

 Wellup. I went grocery shopping over the weekend and got something marked as raspberry oranges. They were on sale, and you know me...

This morning, I got up to pack Tim's lunch. When I pack him an orange, I always take a slice off the top of the rind, and then score the sides of the orange four times, to make it quick to peel. Getting a look at the orange, it was black. I thought for sure it was a rotten orange. I peeled it and split it. It was juicy and smelt wonderful. My sister was on call last night and spent the night here. She watched in horror as I cautiously sampled a slice. It was delicious. 

I have never seen a black orange in my life, so that was an interesting start to the day. I should have taken a picture, but was morning...I hadn't had my coffee...mumble...mumble...

For three days running, I've heard airplane horror stories. The unruly passenger who was tackled by passengers. An attendant smacked him across the head with a coffee pot. Multiple times. Then there was the story about the tires blowing up on the plane. Finally, last night, there was the story about a plane making an emergency return because someone noticed a snake in the light

A coincidence, I'm sure. 

I visited with a friend on Sunday while our husbands watched the Stupor Bowl. She asked me if I wasn't afraid to fly alone. Her brother was dying and she couldn't bring herself to go to him because she would have had to fly alone. I wonder why that would be so scary? If I had to say that I'm afraid of anything at all, it would be having a positive test result on the test before I fly out. I honestly don't think I'll actually believe it is all happening for real until I am well over the Atlantic Ocean. 

It is supposed to be snowing and 25 degrees (-3.8c) here when I leave. It is supposed to be 10 degrees c (50f) when I land in Birmingham. We are supposed to be having two 50 degree days here, starting today, and I am excited about the warm up.  I am assured that I will be freezing at 50 degrees in the UK. This is something I will be very interested in experiencing for myself. 

When William and I walked home from school last Friday night, there was an estate sale. I like to browse through these things. It is hard to tell what you will discover. We gave William weekly drum lessons for his main Christmas gift, and there was an awful lot of drum stuff - a snare drum, a pack of probably 20 sets of drum sticks, a cajon, a practice pad. William and I studied the things. We had already bought him a practice pad for his birthday on Friday (shhhh...don't tell him), but the other things were pricey. Regretfully, I said, "We'll just wait to see how interested you become in this hobby before sinking a lot of money into equipment." A man standing nearby said, "You're a drummer?" William puffed up a little but his words were modest. "I just started taking lessons." The man said, "That's awesome. Stick with it. It attracts the ladies!" 

Anyways, I did make a purchase there. I found an unopened package of Jiffy Peat Pots, 72 count for $1. I snapped them up. I will start my tomatoes and peppers before I go. I will start the cucumbers when I get back. I'm way more excited about this than is warranted, I guess. It feels as if it's been a long winter. 


  1. Really? “Stick” with drumming. Surely that was intentional.

  2. HAHAHAHHAA!!! I love a good pun. I cannot believe I missed this one!

  3. I fly alone all the time and don't understand the big deal either. It gives me time to read, do word puzzles and listen to music/relax. I'm wondering if that's like a blood orange? They are delicious too.

  4. I'm also wondering if your oranges are related "blood oranges". They have the subtle flavor of raspberry, a fruit I've never particularly liked.

  5. I’m a drummer. I never had more than a practice pad and one set of wooden drumsticks that never broke. I broke several cheaper ones going through school band practices but I never broke that first pair my parents got me.

  6. Ha! I think you are just taking more note of the airline kerfuffles as you are about to travel on one and are paying attention. Whenever we were about to go to Hawaii, it seemed Shark Week was on TV!

    The man who told William that drummers attract the ladies is 100% right! Both my hubby and son are drummers and the women love them!

    Have a wonderful trip.

  7. A Rockstar grandson in the making.

  8. 50F is chilly here, especially if it's damp and windy too! although we measure in centigrade now so I can never work out whats what!

    I've heard of black tomatoes and black grapes but never black oranges.

  9. Admittedly the three times I have visited England it has been summer and I have never felt cold there, but boy have I felt hot.

    I can't say I've ever seen a black orange. I kind of think an orange should be orange.

    Drums! I hope his parents have a practice room a long way away.

  10. We hear alarming stories on flying but actual occurances are rare. Take your trip and have fun.

  11. I can't wait to plant some seeds either. I'll start them in March.

  12. Flying alone never bothered me but then I don't recall hearing of so many crazies as we hear about now. But then there was a series then of hijacking flights to other places but haven't heard about that in recent years. Guess there always can be something as there is when we take our car out on the road with most accidents happening close to our homes. There's always something. Since I'm much older now I feel a little less confident about being able to handle all the situations that could come up but having someone with me might not necessarily make a difference. Have a good trip!

    I never heard of a raspberry orange or saw one black inside. Neighbors had blood oranges when we lived in Arizona but they were considered as mostly decorative. They said they had very little juice and didn't taste very good. Maybe there are different types since several here said blood oranges tasted good.

  13. I just Googled raspberry and blood oranges -- they sound quite good and healthy for us.

  14. Stop worrying and just look forward to the trip. You have all of us in this side of the Atlantic ;)

  15. Oh gosh! We used to love estate sales. We don't see those in Hawaii. Darn!

    I have NEVER seen a black orange. That is really cool. I did see the photo in your later post.


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