Saturday, February 19, 2022


I do believe that dreams are the brain continuing to think while you're asleep, so my two dreams two nights ago made me wonder what my brain was going on about. 

In the first dream, I heard an intruder. I woke Tim up and we got out of our bed, in our bedroom. I remember feeling that it was all suddenly very unfamiliar, and then we were walking towards the entrance way of my childhood home. The intruder was not there, and I worried out loud to Tim. I didn't know whether I'd actually called the police or simply dreamed that I called the police. 

I woke up and laughed a little at that strange dream. I got up checked the weather and came back to bed. 

I fell asleep and dreamed about my new vacuum cleaner filters and how wonderfully the vacuum was working. I vacuumed the office, library, and livingroom, and headed into the front hall. Now in real life, there is a step ladder leaned against the wall, and a brand new DeWalt table saw still in its box. In my dream, Tim had taken those things to where they needed to go, and I stood there with the vacuum marveling how spacious the hall was in the light coming through the old oak glassed front door. 

The front doors are opportunities to step out into the world.  My concern about the intruder? The intruder is weather, or covid or any number of things that could cancel the flight. That's all. My brain is getting excited to go. 

And it wants that stuff out of the front hall. 

6 more days to go. 


  1. While I doubt that the intruder was symbolic, I don't doubt about you wishing that the front hall were cleared. 😁

  2. There are so many things that could intrude on my plans. I can see my brain taking things to a literal extreme. It is how I roll. And yeah. I would very much like to see that stuff gone.

  3. I am a frequent and vivid dreamer. I do think dreams can be influenced by our daytime lives and are sometimes symbolic or a means of problem solving... but, I also think they're sometimes just dreams and nothing more.

  4. I'm sure I dream, but I do not remember. However, I forget everything these days.

  5. I hope Tim is getting the message from your dreaming mind! LOL


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