Friday, February 18, 2022


 I drank my coffee and waited for daybreak. It came, and with the gray weak light came the indisputable fact: It's snowing again. I guess based on what I'm hearing about Eunice, I should just count my blessings. 

My suitcase is packed for the last time. I've begun tossing stuff into the backpack that I know I will need. Just another week to go. 7 days. 

Today is the long awaited day to get my hairs cut. I was holding off on that until the last minute to that it wouldn't get all grown out and impossible to do anything with before I got back. 

Last night was a strange night, full of strange dreams. At 2, I got up to check the weather. I went back to bed. At 3, I was waking up from a dream: A stranger was in our house. I woke up Tim and when we got up to investigate, we were walking to front door of my childhood home. We did not find the stranger, and I fretted about whether I'd called the police or simply dreamed I called the police.

I woke up still worried. I pondered that for a moment before dozing off again. 

I dreamt that I was happily using my vacuum with the new filters. The rugs were coming out beautifully. I was so pleased. I was even more pleased when I got to the front hall and discovered that Tim had cleared away the large box that contains his table saw and his step ladder. The hall looked so spacious and large without them, much larger than it is in real life. 

I think that it is interesting that I'm dreaming about homes. I think the fact that I saw the front entrance on both of them (from the inside) must mean something. I'll think on it. I think our minds address things we are considering even when (especially when?) we are asleep. 

But in any case, I've got laundry to fold and hairs to be cut, and new filters to put in my vacuum...may they be everything that I dreamed they would be.


  1. Your anxiety about the journey is probably making you dream - but seven days is not long to wait now. WISH i was able to welcome you here.

  2. Just knowing that you would if you could is happiness enough for me. I hope you see the heartfelt sincerity of that.

  3. Bald guys like me are allowed to call them hairs. For all others it must be hair. 😇

  4. I just cut my hair too. We must be in sync. I'm so very happy for you that you're taking this wonderful trip. I'll be leaving in May, too. It seems like things are easing.

  5. Dreams are very strange things. I tend to agree with Weaver above -- I think your upcoming trip is making you think about home, the safety of home and coming home.

    Calling your hair by its plural form reminds me of that "hairs beauty" sign I saw not long ago on a salon near our flat. For some reason it's now out of business! I wonder why?!

  6. I rarely dream of things that don’t make sense as to why. But when I ado I really enjoy thinking about the why part until my mind moves on and I forget them. I really need a dream journal.


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