Sunday, February 20, 2022

Count down

 Our internet and phone problems have gotten worse. Anonymous had a wonderful suggestion to file a complaint with the FCC, which I did. The fact that on line you can view hundreds of complaints just like mine indicates that the problem is very widespread. I'm not sure what we are going to do since most of the alternatives don't work for our area. (Personally, I think that is why Breezeline is pretty unconcerned...they know that most of us are not going anywhere. We can't.)

In any case, it's just been a day to get my things rounded up. I'm packing my backpack. The suitcase is packed and ready to go. I'm trying to think of everything, but am sure that I won't. 

William turned 11 Friday, and they all came over for a birthday celebration and to open his gifts from us and his aunt and uncle. His parents gave him his first cell phone, and he is very excited about it. 

Hard to believe. 11. 

And it was the day after he was born that I met up with Bush Babe and Mark and Sarah and Jack in New York City. 11 years I've been planning to get there. 


Anyways, 5 more days.


  1. Those five days will just fly by!

  2. Don't worry. England does have shops for whatever you may forget.

    I remember when Bush Babe visited the US but I didn't realise you met her. No doubt I read it at the time.

  3. We have terrible internet service where we live. We got a T-Mobile home internet tower and it works wonderfully. If you have decent cell service where you are it's a great alternative for internet. Only $56 a month-at least where I live.

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to William!! Australia can be your next trip. (and you'll have to insist that Amanda blog about it)


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