Wednesday, February 2, 2022


 I was up before the sun, got Tim's lunch packed and sent him off to work. 

Once he was gone, I sat in the office sipping coffee and watching the sky turn a brilliant red. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. How many years has it been since I first heard that? I remember my mom explaining it to me, and I believed it to be unerringly true. 

That led to thinking about moms.  About having a mom. About being a mom. I think of my own mother's flaws. She made plenty of mistakes. I think of my own flaws. I have made plenty of mistakes too. 

Slowly the brilliant red of the morning fades as the sun comes up. A new day dawns, bright and beautiful. The cold snap is going to break today, so we will let the fire will burn out. Tomorrow, I will clean out the ashes, after the majority of the coals have died. Everything will be set for the next cold snap due this weekend. We've got another round winter storms forecast.

The hibiscus on the table in the office has put out another bloom. Such a cheerful sight, that big salmon colored bloom. I know that it will not last, and that I need to make the most of it, but I love how the plant has been putting out one bloom at a time every week or two for a couple months now. 

I get up and methodically start the chores of the day. Each day, I try to accomplish a few deep cleaning chores that got shoved to the back burner while I worked. Today's were scrubbing the walls in the bathroom and stairwell. (tick!) I've got an appointment at the bank to get things arranged for my trip. I need to wash the salt off my car on the way back home now that it has warmed up. My sister is on call and spending the night here. I'm making quiches for supper and the ingredients are assembled.

And so my day goes. I work through my chores, room by room, one at a time, in a daydreaming sort of way.

There used to be a childish me who believed in the unerring truth of old weather proverbs, but now, years after the fact, I have learned that there is no such thing as unerring truth. I have learned that everything changes, and then changes again, an endless cycle, a rhythm. I find myself thinking about days gone by, people gone on, about mistakes made, mistakes corrected (or not). About momentary beauty. About breaks in the weather, about new storms on the horizon, About red skies in morning. 

Today, for some reason, it seems to be more beautifully connected than usual. 


  1. What we say here is 'Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning red sky at night shepherd's delight.

  2. Contentment and contemplation after your retirement. What more could you ask for?

  3. Have been thinking of those who are gone lately too. Makes me a bit sad and wistful but also it feels as if I have a large board of directors watching over me as I imagine how all these wise old people would advise me as I get ready to make the journey they have already taken. And it's a bit funny I think of them as a board of directors instead of a host of guardian angels or something. That's what many years of working for corporate American will do for you!

  4. One of the disadvantages of having an office in a windowless room in the basement.

  5. Good to have time to think, but also to set a routine.

  6. We all make mistakes.
    I am trying my best not to be like my mother. So I make my own, different mistakes!

  7. It is nice to leave the stress of work behind and just live each day as it comes. How content you sound!

  8. Great post. It's good to sit down after retirement and reflect on your work and life since you don't get much of a chance for reflection when you're working. You have your feet on the ground when you say things are continually changing. So do your deep cleaning and reflections quickly because the next stage of your life is coming faster than you think and it looks like you don't know it. As soon as you retire there are many groups asking you to volunteer. Volunteering is a great part of retirement. So choose carefully what you want to volunteer at. Don't overload yourself.

  9. I've never understood the "red sky at morning" thing, though I suppose a red sky has clouds to reflect the sunrise, and maybe the presence of those clouds means bad weather coming?

    It's great to have a pleasant day when you can think and get some jobs done and connect the dots of life!

  10. I think I first heard that phrase in a movie or read it in a book but I don't remember exactly. Regardless, I say it all the time if I notice that red sky in the morning or night. Stay safe, warm and enjoy that retirement.

  11. Words of wisdom. I enjoyed reading those words of yours and your pondering thoughts. -- It was a bit comforting to hear someone else talk of the mistakes mothers (parents) make unknowingly and judge themselves in hindsight. I have been thinking about that lately.-- Reminds me also that I have chores to do this morning. -- Thanks for your post!


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