Wednesday, February 23, 2022

2 Days

 You know what is frustrating? Un-updated information. 

I was sent an e-mail by Delta that provides me with all the last minute things that I need to take care of for my trip. 

I was a bit surprised to see that one of the things that I can cross off my list is a covid 19 test. I was expecting to go for one Thursday morning, and having an attestation form filled out by a doctor to prove that it was negative. Printed the form out and everything, but right there in that e-mail dated February 20th, under 'vaccinated' it noted that I didn't need the covid test. 


So I clicked on the 'additional information' button (in the SAME E-MAIL) and I got the helpful information, dated December 6th, 2021 that I needed to have a negative covid test within 48 hours of leaving. 

IN THE SAME E-MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, you have to understand that I'm standing here waiting for this whole thing to fall through. I'm trying to be optimistic, but there has been some pretty dicey weather happening there (here too). And not to mention that all of a sudden, I've got a cold passing through my 'bubble'. I've become a virtual hermit trying to avoid catching something and I'm popping zinc like I'm addicted to it. (Note to self: be sure to look up and see if you can overdose on zinc.) 

So in the middle of that, I just had this sudden vision of myself being turned away at that airport because I hadn't gotten the covid test. 

So I called Delta and after a wait of 49 minutes (which turned out to be over an hour) (good news: I didn't lose phone service this morning) I was told by a cheerful person that Delta's webpage had the most current information and I could look it up there. I stated that I had already done that and the "latest information" (dated December 6th, 2021) said that I did, while the e-mail said I didn't. 

She looked and hmmmmm'ed and I waited patiently, and finally she decided that the e-mail was correct and that I did not need the covid test. 

I still admit to being nervous about not having one, but I have the e-mail that says I don't need it. 

PS Yes, in case you are wondering, you CAN overdose on zinc cold fighter. Good news: I have not exceeded the recommended dosage, so I should be good.

So now I'm trying to get together some last minute things. I went to look for something in the attic and managed to bash my head on the edge of the attic door. (I was holding a knife and a light and I got distracted.) I staggered around a bit before the stars faded, and the whole time I was thinking 'If I can't go because I've given myself a concussion, I'm going to be so pissed!

I don't think I've got a concussion but I've got a knot and a cut. 

(Good news: I did not cut myself with the knife in my hand.)

Know what else is frustrating? I received a debit card in the mail today, in my name. It was not from my bank. I needed to activate it. I called to find out what it was about. They wanted my social security number to open my account. 

Me: I don't want you to open an account for me.  I have a bank. I have a debit card. I want to know why this bank is sending me one."

Him: "My hands are tied. I can't give you any information without the social security number." 

Me: "...and I'm not giving you my social security number without further information." 

Him: "All I can tell you is that your employer has sent up an account for you with very important health benefits." 

Me: "I have been a contracted employee for the last 10 months. I received no health benefits. I also retired last month." 

Long pause. 

I hung up. I burned the card, and I notified my ex-employer's HR to let them know of a possible scam. 

Oh and this was another burr under my tail today: Chris from Breezeline called. (Full week + since we had our first two hour call.) Astounded that we're still having problems with our phone and internet, and oh so very sorry that he had forgotten to mention that he was out of the office for a week. I was on the phone with him for a half hour while he expressed disbelief that the district manager/supervisor/imaginary person had not called me back. He's escalated it again, but this time he's sure they are going to fix it. 

It's not even lunch time yet, but I think that maybe I should just stop for the day. Take it easy. 

I need a vacation. 


  1. Fingers crossed by all of us that success waits at the end. Also stop messing around in the attic, sit quietly on the sofa till you go!

  2. My MIL is hopefully winging away on an airplane here in two hours. Although flying through another airline, she doesn’t need a negative Covid test to board the flight to comply with U.S. or airline rules. HOWEVER, the country she is flying too does require a negative Covid test taken within 48 hours of departure. I’m pretty sure England just relaxed a lot of their Covid rules but I would verify their rules for entering the country.

  3. I would get the Covid test Debby. It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Hope the rest of your day turns out better than the start.

  4. A version of that card scam is doing the rounds over here too. They never stop trying.
    Your description of stumbling around with a knife in your hand gave me an image of the notorious Belle in the book "Triflers Need Not Apply" by Camilla Bruce. I hope your cellar is not full of dismembered bodies!

  5. An unsolicited bank card? Just ignore it. Very important health benefits are the key words.

    Delta is large enough for me to know about the company. That its web page was not updated and wrong is appalling. That was an hour you could have spent worrying about your packing.

    Just curious. What are you doing about money when you are in England? Your system may be different but for us if you asked when using a card to pay, choose local currency over your own dollars. You will get a better rate. It is hard to estimate how much cash you will need in another country, but try and then add some and buy it from you own country before you go.

  6. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that post!

  7. Graham: you forgot another perfectly valid response: gnashing of teeth. That's what I did.

  8. I am not sure that I would trust that no-test information. Check this UK info and make sure. Maybe get it regardless of the final word.

  9. According to that link, the covid test requirement changed on February 11th. Thanks for that though, AC. It is a good way to keep track of changes.

  10. I would get the Covid test just in case you need it. It is so easy and quick and then you wouldn't have to worry about it.

  11. Let you daughter take your money to the bank and do the exchange for you. Use a credit card, it may cost a small fee but if there is a mistake the card company will usually take care of it. Let your bank know you are out of the country and about where so they will ok a purchase, Get in bed now, wrap yourself in a quilt and keep yourself safe for the next day. Don't make yourself sick with worry.

  12. As noted, the UK changed the rules for incoming vaccinated travelers as of February 11th. No need for Covid test to travel into UK, nor do you have to get a test once you arrive. Only need to fill out a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) online the day before you travel.

    As of now, you will need to get a Covid test the day before you travel back to the US. Can be a lateral flow one, but must be supervised and provide you with a PDF version or printed copy.

  13. I love parenthetical writing. (seriously!)

    I'm another who would go ahead and get the test done just to cover all the bases. Better to have it and not need it than the other way around.

  14. Mary, I was going spend time to find you today! Thanks for looking me up!

  15. I thought you'd learned not to trust info via phone from phone companies nor airlines. Go get a covid test. Get paper evidence of your negative result and make a paper copy and take a photo of it on your phone.

    Maybe buy a cheap temporary phone to take with you in case your intermittent usual phone stops working.

    Please don't carry knives and flashlights at the same time unless you're on one of those CSI-type TV shows.

    After your covid test, just sit in a chair and don't do anything until your flight time.

    Zinc drops keep me from tasting anything. Hope you don't need them before any lovely London meals.

    Hang in there, Linda in Kansas

  16. Argh! The lack of clear information is frustrating, but if it's any consolation, we're ALL suffering from a lack of clear information. The UK rules have been changing quite drastically and maybe the Covid test for international arrivals is no longer needed (just as masks and isolating aren't)? I have no idea. If it's still possible for you to get a test you might want to, just as a precaution.

  17. Hawaii is loosening it's travel rules too.
    I'm glad you didn't fall for that scam. So many are out there now.


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