Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Boy Who Loved Halloween

William came to spend the night last night. He came straight from a Halloween 'do, and so he was in his costume. 
I remember when he was cute, all dressed up for Halloween. That ship has sailed. He's in Middle School now. 

Anyways, he ate his second supper of the night watching 'Paranorman' on Netflix, which he had never seen before. 

Today was a big day. It was pumpkin carving day. We were putting together a special Halloween meal for his mother and Don. 

The menu: Monster Burgers, Toxic Waste Mac and Cheese, The Bottom of the Garbage Can. We made spiders out of black olives and bloated ticks out of garlic stuffed green ones. We made deviled eggs into eye balls, and severed fingers out of hot dog halves. For desert, we made meringue ghosts and skull cookies. 

This morning, we got up and hit the ground running. We had a shopping list for the grocery store. We had a deal. He had $10 to spend on decorations. I would pay for the table settings. He decided our first stop should be Goodwill, where we found a skull and a candle holder for the center of the table, a ghoul, a "Enter if you Dare" sign, a silicone skull ice cube tray, a black caldron for our toxic waste mac and cheese, and a serving platter for our hors d'oeurves (the aforementioned spiders, ticks, severed fingers and eyeballs).

Next stop was the Dollar Tree, where we got black napkins, paper plates (don't judge me), skeleton hand goblets, and tooth picks. 

Then to Aldi's where we did our shopping for the meal. 

Last stop, Walmart to get his soda choices. He still had two dollars in his decorating budget, and so he bought spiders for the table and eye balls for the drinks. 

We spent the day in the kitchen, and he was pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing. His favorite part was setting the table. We finished up pretty much as his parents were walking in the door. Well...almost. We didn't get the faces put on the meringues, so they became 'ghost poop' instead. 

It was a fun meal, and we had a good time doing the pumpkins. 

"Eight more days until Halloween," he sighed as he headed out the door with his decorations and jack o' lanterns. 

Made me smile. His mother was the same way. 


  1. That all sounds like so much FUN! What a lucky boy to have you!

  2. You are absolutely the best grandma around! That sounded like so much fun.

  3. William is a rather plain looking child and I am not sure he should roam about with an axe in his hand.

    It sounds like you had a great time with him, grandmas doing what they do best. Memories to treasure.

  4. Good lord, that's a scary costume! If I saw that at my door I don't think I'd open it. LOL!

    Good for him, going to Goodwill first. It's always good to reuse rather than buy new, right?

  5. Andrew, I've always felt that his smile is his best feature.

    Steve, imagine if you will, no knock on the door at all. He just walks right in and makes himself at home. We have always considered the fact that we buy used instead of new as much as possible as the basis to living well while living within our means.

    It was fun, and the dinner was good, although, I skipped the toxic waste.

  6. Scary costume! It sounds like many creative and fun treats were had by all.

  7. It all sounds like SO much fun!! I've always liked Halloween.

  8. That is a freaky costume. I love it.

    I'm a fan of Halloween as well. Your meal sounds disgusting and perfect:)

  9. I'm happy that my Halloween days are drawing to a close, at least until Grandkids start arriving which I hope is a fair bit down the road. They did carve pumpkins last night but fortunately, my input in the project was around 10 minutes.


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