Saturday, October 2, 2021


 Turns out, Gary was 'a nice bloke' (as Andrew put it) after all. After he collected the bids and called me, one of the people who had declined to bid higher than my bid changed her mind. She called to tell Gary that she had changed her mind and was willing to pay $100 more than his highest bid. Gary said, "I can't do that. I already told them they have it." 

The woman wanted it badly and tried to debate. Gary told her that he had been very clear when he spoke to her the previous day. It was too late to change her mind.

If he had changed his mind, it would have broken my heart. I told him so. 

"I knew it," he said.


  1. It's a lucky thing that Gary had ethics. So many people these days (it seems to cynical me) would have taken the extra money over a verbal agreement.

  2. A man of integrity, a rare thing these days.

  3. What a nice guy. I hope he gets lots of customers.

  4. He actually isn't a salesman, Northsider. He sent a message last night telling us that he needed the money in cash. Internet deals are always cash, unless it's such a high amount that you get a certified check from your bank. He was just as nervous about getting scammed as I was about getting my mitts on that stove.

    The funny thing is that he's an old truck guy. He had a restored truck out front. He had a partially assembled on in the garage. He was also very interested in buying Tim's truck.

  5. Well done Gary...good to hear of honest dealing, not gazumping.

  6. So the stove is yours, I bet it is a heavy thing.
    Happy things are going your way and plans to have a new house is underway. You have saved so many wonderful things to incorperate in this house. You and Tim deserve a nice house in the country and retirement. I cannot see either of you retiring after some rest and travel..

  7. Awww... There are good, ethical people in this world. It's a nice feeling. I'm so happy for you.

  8. Good for him. A lot of people would have taken the money.

  9. I have always tried to be like Gary. But I have also tried to be like the other woman as well. Fortunately there seem to be more Gary's in the world and I've never been successful trying to snag something I was outbid on.


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