Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Hardworking Idiot

 Remember this? 

We hired two guys to come in and take the trees off the house. It would have been very difficult to get the trees cleaned up from behind the house. The ground is uneven and slopes down towards a creek. We told them that we'd take care of the clean up. 

So they did their part. They got the trees off the house which was quite exciting to watch.

We got the roof sealed up to protect the contents of the house. We don't ever plan to actually live in the house. For right now, it just holds stuff for the new house. The hickory kitchen. The ornate little woodstove for cool days on the sun porch. Decorative windows. The butcher block. We collect stuff and it is handy to have a place to stash it. Joanne, it did not occur to me to take a picture of his mother's table to compare with yours. The job is not finished, so we'll be going back up. I've made a mental note to remember to do that. 

Anyways, we did not get much farther than winterizing the house before winter set in, because we were also in the middle of putting up the new garage. So, there were huge piles of huge branches on all sides of the house, and they've been waiting patiently for us all winter.

Today was the day. 

We worked hauled seven dump truck loads of branches to the back of the property where they were dumped and pushed back to give the rabbits and birds cover. We were hefting branches that would have made awfully nice Christmas trees!

It was a cool day, but the skies were brilliant blue and there was (for a change) no wind. Working side by side, we made a good team, loading the truck ridiculously high, until we could no longer throw the pieces atop. Tim hauled the stuff back, and I continued clearing. It was a beautiful day to work. 

After six hours, we called it a day, stopped over at my sister's place and visited with the two of them. They were burning brush. My sister was excited. She saw a mink down behind their house, a first.

I am sunburnt and worn out, but it was a good day. 

PS I found my measuring spoon. Some idiot used it to scoop coffee and then refilled the canister, completely forgetting the spoon inside. 

PPS: I am the only one who drinks coffee in this house. I am the idiot. 


  1. I hope you severely chastised that person who left the spoon in the coffee.
    I didn't know you had minks in your country. That must have been exciting.

  2. It's frustrating to want to blame someone or something else, and to have to take a long look into the mirror. :) That sounds like a terrific amount of work. I bet you'll be sore tomorrow, hopefully the good kind where you feel that you've worked your muscles.

  3. I have a butcher block that my husband got when an old meat shop was closing. They had it in the pile to haul away so my H. stopped to see if they would let him have it. They had to load it with a fork lift.. It was in bad shape from wear, he sanded it and refinished it. One side is low where they cut so much meat on it. It turned out beautiful. If I move in a smaller house I will have to sell it. A man stopped and looked at it and said with all the work my H put on it and the finished product it would be worth 900 or 1000 dollars now.

  4. Well done that spoon for turning up!!

    It is a good, satisfying feeling, working hard as a team

  5. Scary photo of the tree on the house.

  6. Wow! to those trees on the house.

  7. That is a very pretty spoon. Puts my misshapen old metal thing to shame.

  8. I've got the misshapen metal ones too. And a set of yellow plastic ones. All completely serviceable. These were being clearanced out, and I actually bought them for my daughter, but couldn't fit them into the box without taking them out of the packing, but was afraid that they'd get broken in shipment. So I kept them for myself, I'm ashamed to say.

  9. I'm glad your spoon turned up! Whew! And good for getting that tree-clearing done.


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