Saturday, September 5, 2020

Old dog, Old tricks.

 We've had quite a bit of difficulty with the groundhog doing damage in the garden. We set a hav-a-hart trap, but we managed to trap a raccoon who, by virtue of his clever little hands and opposable thumbs, managed to dismantle the trap and free himself. And then did quite a bit of damage to the corn on his way out. 

I bought a larger, even sturdier trap. It's been there a week, and nothing.

We have dropped off a load of rough cut two days running. and the trap has been empty. Tim got up there with the last load today and called to let me know that we caught something. 

I used to livetrap and relocate skunks out of the housing areas when I was in military. 

Pretty sure I can do this. 


Late edit: when I arrived at the camp, I stopped by the garden and approached the trap with an old blanket in front of me and covered up the trap. Tim and his truck were gone. I couldn't reach him on the cell. I headed over to my sister's.

"Wanna have an adventure?" I asked. "We're going to need your truck, though. 

She eyeballed me skeptically as I explained. "Listen," I said. "Have I ever led you astray?"

"Yes," she said. I cut her off. Details can get terribly boring.

We went off in the truck. She called to let her husband know what we were up to and to let him know we'd be back directly.

Upon hearing 'skunk' in the same sentence as 'your truck', he unleashed a volley of no's. I never pegged him as such an excitable fellow before.

On the way back to our place, my sister assured me several times that "this is all on you" and 'i'm not helping.' She was a bit more excitable than usual, herself.

I picked up the blanket covered trap, set it in the back of their truck. We drove to an old well road. I pulled down the trap and carried it down the road a bit. I opened it and gently turned him out. He took off at a quick waddle. I picked the trap and blanket and turned back to my sister.

She said, "I must admit. I am impressed."

On the way back to the house, just for giggles, she called Dave to tell him things had not gone exactly as planned but that we'd get to work on his truck as soon as we got showers.


  1. Debby vs Wild Animals. Makes for interesting reading!

  2. I agree. Skunk and any of my vehicles don't belong in the same sentence.


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