Thursday, September 3, 2020

Life's Funny Like That

 Our newest tenant, Deb, is quite an outdoors woman. She is in love with her little house and she has been busy turning it into her home. She has two close friends, one of whom I know from our church, and the other is a friend who has just moved back to the area after a divorce. When we were putting the house together in all that rush, the three of them were quick to pitch in and help where ever they could.

One friend has her own small house up river. Diane's house also has a sweet covered porch and the three of them used to congregate at that house to watch the river roll by and visit together as they watched the nature around them. Now they have two porches to choose from and visit back and forth. It is sweet.

Two days ago, Deb said, "Paula wanted me to tell you that if you ever have a place open on the water, she would love to rent from you." We said that we'd certainly let her know if anything came up, but privately we didn't hold out much hope.  The river tenants tend to stay right where they are. They are wonderful long-term tenants and we are blessed by them.

Tonight a young couple who have been renting from us for the past 2 or 3 years now said that they needed to talk to us. We've been worried about them. The covid thing has really affected the wife's job. When they showed up, they announced that they were buying a house. They were so happy and excited and we were very happy and excited for them too. Such a big moment in their lifetime. 

After Tim made sure they were having a home inspection, and sent them off with a carload of advice, we turned to each other in the foyer and commented how sweet it was to be a part of their good news. 

I returned to the kitchen to continue a game of scrabble with my sister. We were using our phones for dictionaries. Deb popped into my mind, and so I texted her to tell her "guess what..." and told her where the house was (exactly one block to the number from her own little house) and yes, it had a private deck overlooking the river. 

Many emojis and exclamation marks later, Paula was anxious to talk to us about the place. 

Life's funny like that, isn't it? 

The three of them will have three places to congregate in the evening and watch that river roll by. 


  1. Living in an area with a large river winding through the middle, I can concur that riverside property doesn't come up to often for rent or for sale. Usually it is after a death in the latter case.

  2. In the town near where I live it is not always a good thing to live right on the river - as the river gets a little wild when it has a bit too much water coming down it...

  3. I was having a perfectly normal after lunch break, just checking in on my feed reader, and there I found posts from you, and here I sit with tears rolling down my face. Not because of what you wrote but because I was so happy to see posts from you again.

    I can't possibly tell you how much I missed you and your blog. Glad you are back. :)

  4. Ah, Snoskred! That's nice. Thank you everyone.


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