Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 Does everyone do this from time to time or is it just me?

Today, I was doing a quick tidy up, gathering my morning coffee cup, the newspaper, a pen, a bottle cap, the like. You know, the sort of clutter that gets laid down and not promptly taken care of. I had a bottle of aspirin that needed to be returned the medicine cupboard. (yes. I watched the debate. All of the debate. why do you ask?) 

I was dropped the stuff off to the places that it belonged...the garbage, the recycle bin, the sink full of hot soapy water, the high cupboard over the sink, etc, and as I left the kitchen it suddenly occurred to me that I'd just thrown my favorite earrings in the trash with a discarded note to myself and a bottle cap. 

The good news is that I realized I'd done it.

The bad news is that those things managed to slither to the very bottom of the trash bin. 

The good news is I found them.


  1. Yes, many times. Also the cousin to that, the project list. I will notice a burned out lightbulb and head to the basement for a new bulb. On the way, I notice an errant canning ring laying on the floor. I pick it up and put it with the rest straightening up the shelf. I decide to haul the canner up since I need it later in the day. Upstairs I put it on the stove and realize I still hadn't cleaned the electronic sparker on my stove so I head out to the garage to get some emery paper..... later that day I'm in the middle of canning and wonder why it is so dim in the room.

  2. LOL. Ed, you've made me feel much better about myself.

  3. You both have me laughing. Mainly because I've been there, done that.


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