Sunday, July 21, 2019

My Tim

The play is over, and I am glad for it. It was a crazy amount of rehearsals. I enjoyed very much researching my character, Martha Coffin Wright. It was an astounding thing to read the thoughts of a very contemporary mind who was born in 1806.

What I did not expect was walking into the Seneca Wesleyan Chapel for the first time and finding myself with tears in my eyes.

It was very hot, 93 degrees in an unairconditioned building. I made up my mind to not do the corset. I did not buy a corset for a one time event, but I did drag out the spanx, the modern day version of the corset. It was too hot and I left the garment in my suitcase.

Tim and I did a lot of walking, and he was just as interested in the history as I was, and lord knows, he's been hearing a lot about Martha for several weeks now. He was interested in the history of the town, and Seneca Falls is also the mythical Bedford Falls of "It's a Wonderful Life". He was also quite interested in the industry there. It is also  situated on the Erie Canal, so there was a lot of things to learn. We tried to cram it all in between performances.

We were at the Women's Rights National Park which was in high gear for the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment. Lots of events, of which my group was one, lots of presentations, lots of activities.

There was an activity going on at the museum. They were making old fashioned commemorative buttons. "Give Women the Vote" and things of that nature. They also permitted the kids to make their own buttons if they wanted. Tim wanted me to make one for William. I didn't have the time and suggested he do it.

So he did.

The man made a button that says "William RULES!" right there in the middle of the Woman's Rights Museum. He showed it to me later. Shocked, I said, "Tim, for pete's sake...." and he said, "I was going to make one that said 'Boys Rule!' but I knew that would be wrong.

My Tim.


Bob said...

Well his heart was in the right place!

The play sounds great and altho a lot of work, seems to have been a good experience. Congrats and well

Debby said...

His heart always is. It was a fun weekend.