Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Coming home from work, I saw a man pulling a pedal car, pushing his bike, with a small boy, maybe 3-4 running along ahead. There was quite a bit of traffic.

I pulled my car over, put on the four ways and walked back to him.

"Do you need help?" He assured me that he was nearly home, gesturing to a trailer park.

"Is anyone at your house, because if you put the car and the bike down behind the guard rail, I can give you both a ride home, and then you can come back and get them."

"No, he assured me, "we're fine."

I tried to puzzle out ways to help him, but I couldn't. He obviously isn't going to send the little boy home with me. The pedal car and his bike aren't going to fit in my car. "I feel terrible leaving you."

Once again, he assured me that they were nearly home and he thanked me for stopping.

Reluctantly, I walked back to the car, wishing that I had my cell phone. (Still safely plugged in at home...) I knew that Tim would have zipped over with the truck.

I put on my signal and waited for traffic to clear. I was halfway home when it occurred to me.

I should have taken the bike, or the pedal car so that he could hold his little boy's hand. I could have walked with them.

I turned around at my first chance and made my way back, but they were gone.

The answer was so simple that I drove home feeling very ashamed.


Bob said...

I wonder if he would have accepted your offer even if you had had the truck? And I’m left wondering what the complete story is here, aren’t you?

Debby said...

It seemed to me that he'd gone for an outing with the little boy, him riding his bike, the little boy 'driving his car'. Unwisely, he'd gotten too far from home. That's what I think, but I didn't ask. As usual, I was too busy trying to 'fix things'.