Friday, June 14, 2019


We've got it set up for our house to get a new roof this summer.

If it ever stops raining. 

What's the weather in your neck of the woods?


Kelly said...

We've had a very wet winter and spring: storms, tornados, and flooding all around us. We've had a nice reprieve the past week, but I see rain in the forecast again over the next few days. On the plus side... it's always good for the pasture. Moo.

jeanie said...

Beautiful balmy winter here. Apparently 59-73 your money today - 40% chance of showers. We need a bit of rain.

Ed said...

Last week we were able to string about five days together without rain, perhaps the first time since late March. This week, rain is forecasted for every single blasted day.

Debby said...

Five days without rain... I'm really trying to imagine it, Ed, and I can't. It sounds a bit fantastical to me.