Monday, June 24, 2019

Marital Conversations

I've got a cousin who was injured pretty badly probably 8 years ago, when a deer leaped in front of his truck and came through the windshield. He wasn't supposed to make it, but he did, but life is much different for him now.

One of the things that he had been privately grieving about was that he could no longer hunt. We were talking one day and he mentioned it. "Even if I did find a place to hunt, if I shot anything, I'd never be able to drag it out."

I listened to him talking. I've been married to a deer hunter long enough to know that I should never speak for him on the matter, but I did come home and talk to him about my cousin (also named Tim). The camp has a shooting shanty that Cousin Tim would be able to drive right up to. He'd be able to sit. If he got a deer, he'd have a batch of relatives within shouting distance to help him drag it, load it, etc. Before I asked, my Tim said, "Well, we could set him right up in Grand Valley..." and so it was done.

My cousin has been beside himself with delight. He graduated from seminary (funny side story: my cousin is Father Tim at our church) last month, and he received a cash prize for his sermons at his graduation for seminary. (He was ordained a couple years back, but was finishing up his schooling.) His wife urged him to take the prize money and buy himself a bow. He needs a special bow, because he had a bone removed from his wrist as they pieced him back together and there is some nerve damage, so he can't pull back on a regular crossbow. He wanted to get a cranking one.

I stopped in at church to drop off something and he hailed me from his office. He got his bow. He got his hunting license. He was unbelievably excited about it. He was in the middle of writing his sermon but wanted to run out to the car and tell Tim all about it.

We had a cookout Saturday, and Cousin Tim and his wife Noreen came. There was lots of other family there and so we suggested that My Tim be Tim 1 and Cousin Tim be Tim 2. And if he got a buck, he could be Tim Buck 2. Crazy talk, the talk of family. We thought we were hilarious.

Tim 2's bow is a dandy. It cost $1500. We were flabbergasted. I noted that he paid quite a bit more per pound for his venison than we did, and he goodnaturedly observed that if he didn't get a deer, that Noreen would shoot HIM with the bow.  They had some target shooting.  My Tim shot it and got a perfect bulleye which raised a hullaballoo. I saw the two Tims' heads together as they examined the bow and discussed it.

Afterwards, when everyone had left and we were closing up shop to leave too, Tim said, wistfully, "That really is the nicest bow I've ever seen..." and I answered, "You're Tim and he's Tim, but I'm not Noreen."

He laughed, and said, "Oh, I don't need anything that fancy."

Today he told me he found that bow for $1200.

Me: (examining myself) "I'm still not Noreen."

That woman has set the bar pretty high.


Kelly said...

Love this post. And love that you have a Fr. Tim. (oh how I love the Mitford books!)

ellie k said...

We are having the Wounded Warrior games here in Tampa this week. It is amazing what these men and women can do, a lot of them having lost all limbs but one. This week end the archery games were done. I thought of Tim since the bows were all special designed for the special person. I know many dollars were spent on them. These games are amazing to see how hard these warriors have to work to do one small task.

Ed said...

It seems like every year, there is a deer through a windshield accident up where I live. Several of them were fatalities so I'm glad to know your Fr. Tim wasn't one of those. I hope he gets a deer.

jeanie said...

Fr Tim has a reason to get back at the deer, then!