Saturday, May 11, 2019


A tornado went through while we were gone.

We couldn't believe it really. I mean, we think of all the times that there were tornado warnings and tornado sirens...and it all came to naught. A little random damage, somebody's shed got knocked over, a few trees downed...but this was different.

Houses badly damaged, a local business destroyed, the sign for that business found 4 miles away, across the river from us, where trees were downed. Our priest lost his garage, his truck and his camper. A lot of people on his quiet corner had some serious home damage.

When we got back, I went up to Terry to find out if he was okay, if he and his beloved dog had a place to stay. I reminded him that Tim and I are pretty handy at this sort of thing, and to yell when he's ready to begin work.

He's got his house tarped off and he's waiting for insurance to settle with him. Everyone got to work removing the debris and stuff, but everything else is at a stand still, while they wait for the insurance to come through. It's been nearly a month. I guess I never thought of that.

The building debris from the business still hangs from the trees and power lines, and the traffic light is still out.

Small potatoes really, compared to the tornado damage you see on the evening news, but it affected the area in a big way.

It never ceases to amaze me, the randomness of nature. That storm came down the river, bypassed two mobile home parks full of mobile homes. Things could have been disasterous. But they were not.

Our house lies between Starbrick, where the storm touched down, and across the river where it touched down again. We were unscathed. Since we're re-roofing this summer, Tim was hopeful of some small damages that could be turned into the insurance. No such luck.

William has long been mesmerized by tornados. That day, had he been home, he could have looked out his playroom window and seen one with his very own eyes.


Kelly said...

You never really comprehend until you see the damage first hand. There have been multiple tornadoes in recent weeks, two in my daughter & SIL's parish two weeks ago (they were without power 24 hours) and four in the neighboring parish on Wednesday (they're still without power from those storms and may be yet awhile). Last weekend I saw the damage from the EF3 that hit Ruston, LA and it was sobering.

Debby said...

It was shocking enough to see the damage we had. I cannot imagine devastation. Be safe, Kelly.

jeanie said...

That is scary. We don't have tornadoes here to the extend that you folk do - but we do have cyclones - and yes, it is the insurance companies who really halt progress on clean up.