Sunday, May 26, 2019

Summer Begins

We went to the camp to open it for the season. I was pleased that our rodent proofing was mostly successful, which saved a lot of time cleaning.

I scrubbed and vacuumed and Tim mowed. He has built a patio area on the front, and we had our first cookout, and my sister and brother in law walked over to help us eat a watermelon that I did not have room in the fridge for.

We watched our grandsons play together, and walked down to the bridge Tim built across the creek. The boys played in a pine tree and scampered on ahead, stopping to blast shrieks from blades of grass held between their two thumbs, a new trick that my sister taught them that very day.

William said to Danny, "Hey did you know you can chew on grass?" and he reached down to pluck a piece hay which he promptly stuck in his mouth like any ol' country boy would. It made us all laugh.

When they left, we went inside, and William got ready for bed. We tucked him in and went to bed ourselves, and much to our amazement, given the cold spring and the unpromising start to summer, we saw a goodly number of fireflies blinking in the woods at the edge of the freshly mowed grass.

And that is the view I drifted off to sleep with.

Tomorrow we will begin to plant our garden.


Kelly said...

I love fireflies. There's something magical about them.

Debby said...

The best way to fall asleep, snuggled close and watching the fireflies.

Ed said...

Everyone should have a fortress of solitude.

jeanie said...

Your own private campsite?!!!

Debby said...

We bought retirement property a couple years ago. Tim wanted property to hunt on and he and my brother in law found a place across the road from them. It has it's own oil well, which provides us with free natural gas (we own the mineral rights). Foxes, deer, bear are our neighbors, along with the bald eagles that have a nest near by. We haven't the time to build a house right now, but we pulled a fifth wheel in and we go there on weekends. It's very nice.

Debby said...