Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 62nd birthday. My sister and brother-in-law kidnapped Tim and I and took us out for our birthdays. We came home and had cake and ice cream with Brianna and William. 

It was a fun celebration of a day, but the icing on the cake was this: 
Tim bought me a banjo clock I had seen last year at my favorite clock place. I admired it, but it was more than I could see my way to paying. It's not the best picture because it was getting dark outside, and I haven't had time to rearrange the pictures on that wall, but I was anxious to get the clock hung and hear it chime. 

I think it might be my favorite clock. 

Disclaimer: I say that every time I get another one. 


Ed said...

Happy Birthday and what a beautiful clock!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Debby! Do I understand correctly that Tim's just had one, too? If so... best wishes to him, as well.

Debby said...

Yes. Tim's birthday is April 21st, and mine is May 21st. I wanted to get married on June 21st, but he didn't want to wait, and the 22nd was the beginning of the Memorial day long weekend in 1998!

jeanie said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!! Do you realise that if you are 62 then it must be over 12 years that we have been in communication, because I remember you turning 50!!!

Bob said...

Happy Birthday, friend! And may you hear that beautiful clock chime many more years!