Monday, May 6, 2019

Beautiful Day


Me: (brightly) "Gosh it's a beautiful day today, isn't it?"

Response: "I hate warm weather. The hoes come out with their short shorts and bare midriffs, showing everything they's DISGUSTING!"

Me: (smile fades...)

I swear. I don't understand people sometimes...


Kelly said...

Honestly, I first thought they were going to complain about having to hoe their garden!

Which leads me to that awful joke... what does Santa do all summer? Hoe, hoe, hoe!

Bob said...

Oh, Kelly .....

(I thought the same thing. Because from April to September I feel guilty that I don’t work in the yard more).

Debby: stay away from people who are determined to bring you down. Not worth your time.

Debby said...

I normally do. But sometimes those people come to me. In a work setting, you deal with stuff you would run from on the outside.