Thursday, February 28, 2019

This is Roger, our 97 year old friend, with his wife, Agnes. 
The picture is from Agnes' facebook page. 

This is Iris. She's just discovered she has a tongue. 
William found his tongue a long time ago, and it hasn't stopped waggling since. 


Bob said...

Well obviously you figured out how to post pictures again!

Is that a current picture of Roger? Are you sure he’s 97?????

Iris is a doll and William is a great looking young man.

BB said...

That's fabulous... nothing like putting faces to names. How adorable are they all???

Debby said...

Yes. That's current. I'll have to tell him. That will tickle him. He's an old farmer. My favorite Roger story? One of his hobbies was bee keeping. He got stung, and had an anaphylactic reaction. Scared the wits out of Ag. The doctor told him that he'd have to give up bee keeping. Roger smiled politely. Last I knew, he still had his bees outside his log cabin. Lovely, love people.

And no. I still cannot upload pictures from my camera. It's driving me crazy.

Redneck Geologist said...

William is a cutie.

Debby said...

Of course he is!