Saturday, February 23, 2019

Spring Time

It hasn't been an awful winter. It just seems like it's been a long one. The storms come with long advance notice, dire forebodings. When they come, we wind up invariably saying, "Well, that certainly wasn't as bad as they were predicting..." But the storms come. We had a couple of warm days, which really honed my appetite for spring.

I'm restless. Spring fever. 

Friday night, Tim and I went out for dinner. We stopped at the Goodwill. I was delighted to find a cast iron fairy. She was leaning back studying a bird on her outstretched foot. 

I picked it up. 

It will look great hidden away in the garden, come springtime.


Kelly said...

I hope you'll share a photo.

Debby said...

Kelly. I have a new computer. No idea how to upload pictures on it. I tried, but it doesn't seem to work. I miss the old days when I could have a kid teach me how (while making me feel like a moron.)