Sunday, January 20, 2019

Winter Storm Harper

The eastern United State got hard hit by winter storm Harper. In my little area, we got a foot of snow over night. Outlying areas had more. Tim got up twice in the night to shovel the driveway. I feel terrible, because, quite honestly, I never heard/felt him leave the bed.

Anyway, we got up this morning and both of us hit it hard.

The neighbor was trying to get his truck out without shoveling. We helped push him.

We met a girl from across the street. She didn't have a snow shovel to dig out her car, so we showed her where our stack was (we buy them in bulk at the end of season and keep them on hand for the rentals), and invited her to grab one whenever she needed it. We helped her dig out her little car and as we dug, we talked.

Her name is Kathleen, and she is from Williamsport, which we know, because both boys went to Penn College of Technology. She said that she has lived in her little apartment since August, but we're the first people she's met on the street.

I hate to say it but we know who lives where, but we don't really know people that well. A lot of the houses on our block are rentals and people come and go. We try to be good neighbors, but it is not always possible.

Mentally, I began to make a list. When the weather turns, I'll take her for a walk and introduce her to the folks I do know.

For now, however, it is cold. Bitterly, wickedly cold. I had high hopes of watching the eclipse with William tonight, but it's way too cold for that. The house is cold, even with a wood fire. The floors are just awful. The warning says that windchill will be -30.

We were set pretty well for it. I got groceries Friday evening after work so that we didn't need to go anywhere if things were difficult.

Whenever we needed to go outdoors today, there was a pot of hot homemade soup waiting when we got back inside.

Yesterday, before he went home, William and I baked a coconut cake. Winter storms are easier to take with cake.

And God bless electric blankets.


Ed said...

I still have a hard time believing they name winter storms now. Next it will be rain storms.

Debby said...

Yes. The strange thing is that most of the time, at least for my neck of the woods, all these horrible predictions of horrible weather simply just never happened. Truth: this is the first time that we've shoveled our driveway this year.

Ed said...

For once, we've been on the other side of the coin all winter. Every time they have said to expect six inches, we've gotten over a foot. Last winter we got maybe five or six inches all winter. In the last week, we've received around 36 inches in four different storms.

Debby said...


Bob said...

Interesting fact about naming winter storms. It’s not done by the National Weather Service, which names hurricanes. Rather, The Weather Channel does it as a marketing ploy. NWS does not recognize the winter storm names of TWC.