Monday, December 31, 2018


You know what scares me? There's a man in our town who's mentally ill. As in, he has no control over his temper. When he's mad, he's enraged. I've seen him actually cut off cars in a drive through because the line was too long for him to wait in. I've seen him screaming at staff through the drive through window.

I know his ex-wife. She left him years ago because of that temper. There was no compromise, no way to make him happy. It had to be his way. Always.

The man used to be a teacher, and when he got mad at the kids, he would throw desks. I flatly told the principal that no child of mine was to be in his classroom, that if one was, she could expect trouble, because I wasn't going to stand by as a grown man threw a tantrum that would not be tolerated if any of the second graders in his classroom were throwing it.  She respected that. It did not happen.  She was a new principal there, and for the record, she believed that kids were exaggerating. There were so many stories that most parents did not. I have a notion it was figured out in short order. He retired early.

I witnessed his tantrums at a local pharmacy. The pharmacist always had to deal with him personally because he was always irate.

He's not a stable person.

He also is a huge Trump supporter. Huge. As in, he believes God sent him to us. He writes long, enraged letters to the editor which they publish. He uses lots of capital letters and lots of exclamation points. Democrats are the BLM, the Big Lie Machine, and Trump is a hero. There is no middle ground. The letters go on and on, and rarely make sense.

The thing is this: if Trump wasn't president, he'd find something else to be hugely unhappy about. He would rant about that. But Trump IS the president. I live in a red county. This man has an audience because there are minds who agree with him 100%. It seems as if I'm watching my corner of the world tilt towards irrationality, and this is a sobering thing to watch.


Bob said...

You are right. If he was not getting worked up over Trump, he would find something else to get worked up over. You might remember a few months ago I wrote a piece on my blog in which I stated I can tolerate and co-exist with just about any person as long as that person is kind. This person is not kind. And in a strange way I pity him, because he has to be miserable.

Debby said...

I recognize that he will always find something to be upset about, but what is very sobering is that because he screaming about democrats, he's got an appreciative audience. If his target was virtually anyone/thing else, he'd be ignored or at least seen as someone with mental issues.