Friday, December 21, 2018

I love my husband. Really, I do. But he's a busy fella. He also likes being busy.

He's finished one house and it is on the market. It's attracted a great deal of attention. It also requires, sadly, a new septic put in. This is fine, but the permits take time. Weeks. We've got the designer set up and hard at work. We've got the man with the backhoe set up. We know where we are purchasing our supplies.

Nothing to do but wait while everything is processed.

Nothing to do.

Which is why my husband began to walk around out house with a heat sensor gun looking for cold spots. He's just installed a woodburning insert into the fireplace, which is lovely, but now he is obsessed with heat loss and cold spots and heat circulation, etc.

He's going to drive me crazy, really.

So I came home from work and discovered that the window of the kitchen was taken out and plywooded over. I walked inside. Tim stood there happily, explaining that he'd removed a major heat loss spot.

Me: (Looking around) "Tim. It is the week before Christmas. Whatever you're doing here, I need it to be done by Christmas...." and he said, "I've got a whole week!" in a dismissive sort of way.

Of course, it was right after he ripped out the window that we received word we had to replace the septic system.

I came home for work the next day and discovered that he'd ripped the drywall completely off that wall. He's going to put some insulation in and he's trying to decide on a replacement window. Plaster dust is a P.I.T.A.  He had thoughtfully mopped the floor.

We had a discussion. Tim explained that he wanted to install a LED light in the center of the kitchen, rather a necessity now that the picture window has been removed. The room is much darker.  He said that he was going to replace the wiring to the existing lights and do some work on the ceiling.

Me: "This isn't going to be done by Christmas, is it?"

He smiled.

It's not.

Tyler, at work, likes to hear about Tim's misadventures. It gives him a good laugh. He's one of Tim's helpers, when his schedule permits. Today he asked me what Tim was getting for Christmas. I said, "You know what he gets? He gets to live." Tyler laughed and laughed.


Kelly said...

Oh, I love this post. My SIL decided to redo all the drywall in the hallway of their home this week. Said it would be a one-day job. (not to mention how busy he is right now with his "real" job) I've yet to check with my daughter on how that's worked out.

How was the movie? You did the one on the 17th, right?

Bob said...

Oh my ... I’m glad Tim gets to live. But look at the bright side. You could have a husband who sits around and doesn’t do anything. I think you’d opt for Tim. And I like hearing about his adventures too.

Debby said...

Really, Bob, there are times when I wish I could sedate him. When you've got people coming in for Christmas, the last thing that you want is a ripped up kitchen. But he's busy right now. He's enclosing the back porch. We're going to have a mudroom.

He's going to pick out the door and window today.

I have many things to be grateful for. I know that I'm a lucky woman. But just sometimes, I wish that my opinion had some weight in home improvement projects.