Saturday, December 29, 2018

Happy New Year.

Here I am at the beginning of another 4 day weekend. Being a creature of habit, I woke up at 4 AM like usual. I lazily listened to the clocks chiming from the library, from the livingroom, from the front hall...and realized that the one outside our bedroom door hadn't. In the dark, I went to it, felt gently. It stopped at 1. I moved the hands ahead 3 hours until it chimed 4, and then wound it. I lifted one side and set it back down and listened to the ticking for a moment. And then I returned to my bed, and turned my side of the electric blanket on, wiggled down into the warmth and fell back asleep for 4 more hours.

Because I COULD.


Today, I'll spend the day getting my house in order. I will reluctantly put Christmas away for another year.

It was a wonderful Christmas. Money was tighter than usual, because I wasn't working. The gifts were smaller and less but a lot more thoughtful, because I had time to browse and shop on line. It just seemed like that part of things was far more intentional than it has been for a long time. I liked that. It was fun to see the kids opening their presents.

We had plans to skype with Cara and Colin on Christmas Day and this did not happen. We had plans to skype with Dylan and Brittani, and this did not happen either. Christmas did not work out according to plan, but it worked out just as it was meant to. We communicated the old fashioned way and passed the phone around.

I got two new pyrex measuring cups. :) Brianna amazingly found two loved books from my childhood to give me. Tim's daughter made us a handcrafted 'this is us' photo display. I got a gift card that I've spent a hundred times in my mind, but have yet to get to the store to spend.

We have plans to visit with a friend tomorrow, and we'll spend New Year's eve with my sister and her husband. We've not exchanged gifts with them and we are very excited about ours to them. Her son is home on Army leave with his wife and son. I'm making two pots of soup, and my sister is making the bread to go with them. We'll watch one year slide into the next with full stomachs and contented conversation and laughter.

I can't think of any better way to celebrate.

For all the kvetching of my previous post, it looks like the job will get finished in a timely manner. I now have a mudroom with a pantry. The additional storage has magically decluttered my small kitchen. Last night I picked out the cabinets I wanted, and Tim found the window he wanted for the kitchen. I'll have a work center on that torn up wall, a place to knead dough and to plug in small appliances like the crock pot or mixer, use them and when they are cleaned and ready to be put back, each appliance will have its own place in the tall cabinet to the left of the work center. It will make the kitchen much more functional. (Just to have a kitchen with more than 2 outlets will be a luxury.) The kitchen will be half way remodeled, and I am content to wait for the rest of it to happen.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Kelly said...

"Christmas did not work out according to plan, but it worked out just as it was meant to."

Wise words, Debby, and part of what I try to strive for each day of my life now.

Trust and obey and God's will be done.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Linda G. said...

Happy New Year to you and Tim! I read your ham post too. We ate Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve with Stacey and the girls. Stacey saved the meaty turkey bone to make soup. Bob and I ate Christmas dinner on Christmas Day just the two of us. We had ham. I asked Stacey afterward, if she would like the meaty ham bone. As I expected, she said yes. She will make soup from the ham bone. I am not so domestic these days, but I am glad that someone is getting use from those bones!

Bob said...

Happy New Year my friend!!! Enjoy the long weekend.

Debby said...

Oh, believe me, I am, Bob.