Sunday, December 30, 2018


We went to see Danny today, our friend who had been so badly hurt in the accident. The last time that we saw him was a shock. He was in pain, frail and weak. 

Danny is a popular person, hilarious, all around good guy, but we knew that as sociable as he is, constant company was taking a toll on him, so we have been infrequent visitors, although we check in by phone. 

Today we went for a visit and were greeted by a sign on his door that read that his visitors needed to check in with the nurse, and that visits were being limited to 20 minutes. We followed the directions, understanding completely how badly injured he was. 

We were surprised to see him looking so improved. His voice was strong and his laugh was back. He's working hard in therapy. He wants to be home for Mary's birthday, 4 weeks away. 

I still find it hard to believe, but I am so grateful for this miracle. 

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