Thursday, November 29, 2018

Back to Work

I'll be headed back to work on Monday. The doctor seemed surprised that I was ready to go back, but it's time. My knee is still giving me some problems, but I understand that it might be that way for a while. I got another shot of cortisone for it as it continues to heal.

The doctor and his wife and I got into a discussion about turkeys and swapped a few yarns. Mine: In Michigan we had a neighbor who 'owned' a half feral cat named Buzzard. He was not a very nice cat, but he was a character and you had to respect that about him. Our adjoining properties backed up to the woods, and one day I watched Buzzard coming through the underbrush between the woods and our yards. He was low to the ground as if he was stalking something, but instead of looking intently ahead, he kept stopping, throwing a look over his shoulder and then continuing is low slow move to the safety of his hidey hole behind the neighbor's woodpile. It piqued my attention. Soon a group of about 8 turkeys came out of the brush right behind Buzzard, single file. Every time that Buzzard stopped, the turkeys stopped too, all in a row, their heads bobbing up and down and to the right and the left to see what that cat was doing. When he finally got close to his hidey hole, he broke into a dead sprint, and disappeared behind the woodpile. The turkeys stood still, with their heads bobbing in confusion until they presumably were distracted by something else and wondered off. Turkeys are not bright birds.) We all got a laugh.

It was a very nice three weeks though. I got caught up on things, and I have done more reading than I've been able to do in such a long time. I read Vera Brittain's 'Testament of Youth' and enjoyed it. I read Michael Ondaajte's 'Warlight' and loved it so much that I'm nearly done with The English Patient (best book I've ever read). I got 'Coming Through Slaughter' but lost the heart for that. I think Ondaajte may be my current favorite author. Last month it was Barbara Kingsolver. I read 'Flight Behavior'. I've read all of her books. 'Plainsong' by Kent Haruf. That's a lot of reading in three weeks, and it was luxurious beyond belief, to simply have time to wallow in books and to not feel guilty about it.

Tim's buck. Probably the most bizarre hunting story I've ever heard. Not sure if I'm allowed to tell it. Just asked Tim. His answer was no. I hope that untold stories do not keep you up at night.

People want to sign an agreement to buy on the house Tim just finished.

Thanksgiving was great.

Because I was laid up. I did a great deal of Christmas shopping on line. I got some unbelievable deals. I got a year's gift subscription for a weekly magazine that costs $4.99 at the checkout. Subscription price was $35 for 54 magazines. I ordered things from UK sites for Colin and Cara, including a special evening for the two of them. (When you are the mother of a minimalist, you have to figure out how to give gifts that won't clutter up their nomadic lifestyle - they tentatively plan to go back to Italy this summer.)  I had a $104. check out total that I saved $60 on and got free shipping to boot. I bought Iris Blueberries for Sal, my favorite book when I was a little girl, one I read to all the kids (shockingly none of them remember this). I had so much fun having the time to browse, I had the chance to get very excited about Christmas.

Tomorrow I'll go to my friend. Her husband was involved in a horrible head on crash and injured very badly. Can you imagine rushing to a hospital and waiting, waiting, waiting...and then when you were finally allowed in to see him, the staff insisted that you be in a wheelchair because he looked that bad? But he was coherent and still making jokes.  I cried to hear that good news.

I plan to get my tree up this weekend, because Monday, I go back to work.


Kelly said...

Enjoyed this newsy post and you do have me curious about the hunting story. Then again... out of sight, out of mind (which I'm not sure is always a good thing) so I don't think I'll lose sleep. Tell Tim congrats on the buck. Looks like a nice one. I've always had too many folks reading my blog that would be totally traumatized by a photo like that, so I rarely post anything about guns or hunting/trapping - despite the fact it's part of my world. Meat in the freezer! Do y'all have trouble with feral pigs up there? They are a huge problem in our area and both AR and LA wildlife officials recommend killing on sight. In fact, I believe it's illegal to transport them anywhere. Folks like to add their meat to their venison for sausage. I know some have been killed in our area since the dogs have brought up at least one leg and head. Ugh. Our yard looks like the elephant burial grounds by the end of the season.

Bob said...

Well you definitely gave me some new reading ideas! Hope your return to work goes well.