Sunday, November 25, 2018

I was putting my pyrex measuring cup in the cupboard when it happened. I dropped it, it hit the counter and exploded, as only pyrex can do. Glass everywhere. 

Tim wandered into the kitchen to find out what happened. I told him. He wandered back out again. 

I swept up the small bits, picked up the big bits, used a wet paper towel to pick up any small slivers from the counter and then from the floor.

That homely little pyrex measuring cup. 

I've had it most of my life. 

Alexandria, VA as a single parent. Gaithersburg, MD and Baltimore MD, increasing the family. Midland MI trying to make something work that I'd have been better off to abandon quickly. Back to Pennsylvania, a single parent again. And then, unbelievably, married again. And then the kids began to leave. I'm still a mom, but it is different now. I'm a grandma now. 

And all through those years, at least 40 of them, I've been grabbing that two cup pyrex measuring cup from my cupboard multiple times a week. 

On Friday, I broke it, and as I cleaned it up, I found myself getting a little misty about times gone by, of meals, and family, and the work of it all. 


I'm a sap. 


Donna Wood said...

I have six Pyrex measuring cups: 2 one-cup, 2 two-cup, and 2 quart ones. Yes, I use them all. In fact, all six were in the dishwasher this morning, because of all the cooking I’ve been doing the past few days.

Kelly said...

I would have felt the same way. I think I have more memories attached to silly/simple things in my kitchen than anywhere else in my house.

Bob said...

You should send this to the marketing folks at Pyrex, or whoever it is that makes Pyrex. Who knew it could have such metaphorical value? I’ll bet they didn’t.

Ed said...

A few months ago, I knocked over our two cup pyrex measuring cup and broke a chunk off around the curl of the spout where you pour. Since it still works and you just have to pour a little faster to keep from dripping, we've still kept it in our arsenal of cookware. As a plus, it now nests nicely in its four cup Pyrex big brother!

Kelly said...

Ed... my oldest (which is my 2-cup and was my mother's) also has a chunk missing from the side and has been that way for many years. It still works just fine, so it remains nestled between my 1-cup and 4-cup!

Great suggestion from Bob!

Debby said...

Funny. My measuring cup had a little chip in the spout too!