Thursday, November 22, 2018


This is our Iris, Unbelievably, she is 3 months old now. She's begun to chuckle, and to 'talk'. She's active and the picture above is unusual. Know why? She's so lively that usually there's a blur where a hand might be, or a foot might be. Iris is one of the things that I'm grateful for on this day of gratitude.

I'm also grateful for Cara. She and Colin are no longer in Afghanistan. I'm awfully grateful for that. If I posted a picture of the two of them, she'd probably never forgive me, so I won't. 

Tim's son Mike got a bear. While this is not something I can personally get all excited about, it seems to have thrilled everyone else, so I'm grateful to see this much happy. This is Tim and William. They are definately two of my blessings. 

I'm happy that we have a house on the market. It will be a blessing if it sells. 

The drug dealer on Madison has been caught. Another blessing. 

We got robbed. Not a blessing, but Tim had the serial numbers, and the stuff has been found. In the drug dealer's house on Madison. So that's a blessing too. 

We've got Thanksgiving for 8 (maybe 9) at our house on Thursday, and I am grateful for each person at that table. We'll go to my sister's for Thanksgiving on Saturday. Two Thanksgivings in one week...definately a blessing. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May your blessings be many!


Kelly said...

You are truly blessed, and so am I. There will only be seven at my table today, but that's okay. Those not in attendance will still be in my heart and mind.

Happy Thanksgiving, Debby!

Linda G. said...

Happy Thanksgiving Debby and family!

Debby said...

Your Thanksgiving lasagna looked mighty fine Linda. Our best to you and Bob. Kelly, it's not the number of people, but the number of blessings that make Thanksgiving. Sounds like you had plenty!