Friday, August 31, 2018

Little Glimpses

Cara is back in Italy now. She and Colin live outside Venice. Mack that cat is having a fine time getting into arguments with hot tempered Italian cats. He's visited the vet twice. He's not happy with caravan life and gets destructive inside, so they've made the tough choice to make him an indoor/outdoor cat. He's an Afghan street cat, with street cat wiles. He tends not to roam far. Much to Cara's horror, she watched him march up to a tent, reach out, hook a claw into the zipper, and unzip a tent enough to wiggle inside.

Cara has a temper of her own, and I shall not relate what she called him, but she was not pleased, and she braced herself to hear a barrage of complaints. Luckily, Italians on vacation seem to be a very relaxed group. They are charmed by Mack. 

I also got to finally see Iris. She's beautiful and alert, and there is something very powerful in the re-remembering of the fit of a small baby into your shoulder. It is a powerful thing to watch your son and your daughter move confidently into parenthood. 

William is a second grader. 

Summer is drifting into fall here. I feel like summer was an eye blink, but the seasons change with indifference to our thoughts on the matter. 

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