Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bright Moments

Now that Tim is working on his properties full time, he has become William's daytime caregiver when his mother is at work. He helps his grandpa work on houses. He was quite excited because for the first time, he got to help his grandpa make the buy. He became the darling of the realtor's office, and got to play with the realtor's fidget spinners. He got to play with Mabel, the office bulldog. So he's having a pretty fun summer. 

Yesterday, when I got home from work, one dirty faced happy little boy met me as I got out of the car. "Guess what? I helped grandpa take the tires off your car! I helped him with the rotors." He beamed. They also went fishing, but they did not catch anything, but some days are like that, don't you know.

I said, "Let's get you cleaned up, and you can help me make supper," and so we did. He made his own hamburg patty, and he shucked his very own corn. The macaroni salad was already made, and we had cottage cheese with peaches for a treat, because William and his grandpa like cottage cheese with peaches. ("Me and Grandpa are just the same!")

After supper, William wanted to do some net surfing. Sunday, he had worn his little aloha shirt to church. It has tiki faces on it. He was intrigued by them. Because he is a little boy with a very questioning mind, he wanted to know all about them. So I brought up some stuff on the computer and we learned about them. He watched them being carved in a few videos. He was well and truly taken with the subject. 

He came rushing out of the office. He wanted to make his very own tiki face. I had some cardboard that I made into a tall box, and we cut out the eyes, and a ferocious mouth. We drew the designs on the face on either side of his nose, and across his forehead. William was delighted. He had his $1 pay from his day's work with grandpa, and so we went to the dollar store to buy some battery powered tea lights. 

On the way there he chattered on about Hawaii and for some reason, he got side tracked with coconuts. He loves coconut. He would like to get a coconut someday, because coconuts grow where tiki faces are. He went on at great length about coconuts, tropical islands and tiki faces. 

When we got to the store, we got the candles. I had to pick up some hand soap, and noticed that they had coconut hand soap. William was so delighted with this find that I looked a little more. I found a bar of coconut soap. I got some coconut lotion. The peak of the day was buying a mounds bar. 

We got home and he lit up his little tiki man. He set him carefully on his stool in the bathroom, and I filled the clawfoot tub with nice warm water. He luxuriated in the water, scrubbing himself over and over with the coconut soap. I cleaned the bathroom as he bathed and played and talked about tropical islands and pretended he was swimming in the ocean, talking a blue streak. 

I finally ran out of things to clean, so I pulled the bathtub plug, but he couldn't leave the tub until he saw the whirlpool as the water went down the drain (did you know that whirlpools and tornados seem a lot alike, but they are not. Whirlpools start at the bottom. Tornados are formed at the top. This little factoid is offered free for your thinking pleasure from William and his scientific mind.) 

He slathered himself with coconut lotion, declared that he smelled so good he thought he might be good to eat. We brushed his hair and his teeth, and went out to read the book that he and Grandpa had gotten when they went to the library. He's really getting quite good at reading but he still likes being read to. 

He leaned against me and talked about what a fun day he had. He was grandpa's big helper, and he was a great cook, and he thought that his tiki face was the best tiki face ever and didn't he smell good? Just like coconut candy?

An acquaintance was fretting about what to do with her niece. She doesn't have a lot of money. If there is one thing that I could teach this world, it would be this: you don't need a lot of money to entertain a child. A bit of imagination and your full attention, and you've got all you need to make the best day ever. 


Kelly said...

What might seem an ordinary day to others, you relate in a way that sounds like a grand adventure!

Funny... I now have a craving for something coconut - or at least smells like it.

(and we have a Mabel at our house)

Bob said...

William is one lucky little man. You are soooo right -- it doesn't take much to entertain a child, mainly time.

Debby said...

Well, William is a real fan of Mables, so if he shows up on your doorstep one day, Kelly, you've only yourself to blame.

Bob, your grandsons will be lucky little men as well. I just have that feeling...

Lori said...

Wonderful, beautiful post!